Julian's RockList Site
On this site by Julian White you will find most of the critics lists I have used for my compilations. The site contains more than 500 worldwide critics lists and readers lists from 1952 to 2003. I would probably never have started Acclaimed Music if didn't exist.

AMG All Music Guide
This is the place to visit when you want to know more about the music you have found here at Acclaimed Music. Rock, jazz, classical... this site has everything, with biography and complete discography for almost 50,000 artists.
Reviews of new albums (since 1999) summarized from approximately 50 'zines. A fantastic source!
Rock critics untangles every aspect of popular music criticism: the ideas, the practical tools, the scandalous rumours, the puffed egos, and of course, the people and personalities who call themselves "rock critics." The site contains original articles and interviews on the subject of rock criticism, plus hundreds of related external links, and an interactive Top 5 lists section for budding writers and compulsive list-makers.

A great music list site by Thomas Schulze, similar to Julian's RockList but with focus on critics lists and readers lists from German music magazines.
A collection of critics lists by intiative from the Dutch library Oss. Specialized in Dutch and Belgian lists, but you will also find lists from e.g. Mojo and Rolling Stone that are not presented anywhere else.

DJ Martian's page
A diverse music positive weblog for the discerning listener with an interest in creative artistic music across the contemporary sound spectrum. Including loads of best of year lists from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and a music of the 00s portal. DJ Martian has definitely succeeded in creating a central resource for music lists.

Rex Sorgatz has created a website with an amazing website. His long list of music lists is just a small part of the list page which is just a small part of the whole site! There are best of year lists from 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Jumping Fences
Are the Acclaimed Music year lists not enough for you? Then check out this site with the top 1000 albums from the 90s! The 1000 albums can be viewed by ranking, year, artist, country and AMG style...and don't forget the top 100 albums from years 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Rate Your Music
Share your musical knowledge and opinions with others by rating albums and writing reviews. This site is massive and it just gets bigger and bigger. Not reviews from critics (although there are some, see Fastnbulbous) but a huge amount of information.

I Love Music
This huge, wide-ranging music discussion site is for people who love to talk about music. Any question relating in any way to music is acceptable on ILM.

Les disques de l'année
Another site containing critics lists and readers lists, mainly from France and other European countries.

Gary Pig Gold
The great Gary Pig Gold has sent me a number of lists that could not be included into Acclaimed Music, but you should definitely check them out.
Top Ten Power Pop People
Bubblegum Top 48
Top Ten Canadian Records
1966 Psychedelic Songs
20 Big Ones by The Beach Boys
Ten You May Have Missed in 2003
Ten You May Have Missed in 2004
Ten You May Have Missed in 2005
You can also read about Gary Pig Gold at All Music Guide and Rock's Back Pages.
"It is conceivable that, all apologies to James Brown, Gary Pig Gold is rock music's all-time hardest-working man" (AMG quote).

Fast 'n' Bulbous
A.S. Van Dorston, more well-known as "Uncle Fester" has written about music on the internet since 1987! And he loves lists, you will find his personal top 500 albums of all time and "Fester's Lucky 13" for each year since 1997. Captain Beefheart is his muse and "Fast 'n' Bulbous" is the name of the site you should visit.

All Time Top 100 Albums
A site by Martijn Boeren, similar to the Acclaimed Music site (Martijn was first!). Critics lists and readers lists have been compiled to one Top 100 list. You can also vote for the Visitors Top 100 Albums of the 20th Century.

Jazz 100 - The Best Jazz Ever Released on CD
expand your musical
knowledge with Peter Sykes' list of jazz albums, based on a comprehensive statistical survey of jazz critics, record stores, popular polls and sales figures.

cool hand bak
Read about and listen to some lesser known but absolutely great artists at bakinakwa's blog. Very nice design and pictures!

Vinyl Surrender
This is another site where music (mostly tracks) is shown in lists by year, decade and artist. It's a lot like Acclaimed Music, except it's based on people's votes. Cool design!

Perverse Serenity
A site full of personal music lists. The top 100 Bowie songs is a must.

They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?

For those of you who are also film fanatics (aren't we all?), They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? is the perfect companion to Acclaimed Music, with the 1000 most acclaimed films of all time.

Bill Georgaris and Vicky Platt have compiled this list from 1000+ (!) individual critics' and filmmakers' top-ten favorite films and 100+ polls. Absolutely fantastic!