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Best of All-time Lists, Best of Decade Lists, etc.
Pause & Play (USA) - Albums Inducted into a Time Capsule, One Album per Week No Order
Mojo (UK) - Mojo 1000, the Ultimate CD Buyers Guide (2001) No Order
Mojo (UK) - The Mojo Collection, 3rd and/or 4th Edition (2003/2007) No Order
All Music Guide (USA) - Album Ratings 1-5 Stars 3.5 Stars
Robert Christgau (USA) - Consumer Guide Album Grade A-
Rolling Stone Album Guide, Ratings 1-5 Stars (USA, 1992) 3.5 Stars
Virgin Encyclopedia of Popular Music (UK) - Album Ratings 1-5 Stars (2002) 3 Stars
End of Year Lists
Village Voice (USA) - Albums of the Year 13