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Essential American Songs: Bruce Springsteen

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:32 pm
by StevieFan13
As mentioned, I'm working on a project of songs that represent the USA the best. Naturally, one of the first artists that comes to mind when I think "America" is The Boss, and he's probably one of the few quintessentially American artists to be just as huge around the world, unlike, say, Billy Joel or Tom Petty (we'll vote for them soon enough, true believers). Question is, which Bruce song sums him up the best? Guy sums up America better than just about any other musician I can think of, speaking to the hope and pain of average Americans perfectly. If I've missed a good one, feel free to vote "Other" and tell me which song it is. (Note: the songs don't necessarily have to be entirely pro-American; songs that speak to inherent American problems like "American Skin" or "Born in the USA" also count, because freedom of speech is all-American).