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Hall of Acclaim

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Originally conducted by schleuse--we miss you, man.

In our Class of 1960, the top three artists were very clear: ELVIS PRESLEY, HANK WILLIAMS, and CHUCK BERRY.

As for the fourth spot…well, that was a very close call. As in a three-way tie, no less. Just squeaking in past the competition to claim the fourth spot in our inaugural class is the late BUDDY HOLLY. Buddy appeared on eight of fourteen ballots, while the two artists he was tied with on points—Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra—appeared on only seven. Little Richard was very close behind that group.

(Representatives of the Hall will be informing the living HOAers of this signal honor at their current places of business: the 3rd Armored Division in Friedberg, Germany, and Club Bandstand in St. Louis, Missouri—whose owner/manager, one of our inductees, is apparently in some legal trouble. Tasteful wreaths will be laid at the graves of the two posthumous electees, in Montgomery, Alabama, and Lubbock, Texas.)


Here are the extended results, showing point totals for the top 20 artists. The number of ballots on which the artist appeared is shown in parentheses.

1. ELVIS PRESLEY: 92 (11)
2. HANK WILLIAMS: 82 (10)
3. CHUCK BERRY: 79 (12)
4. BUDDY HOLLY: 43 (8)
5. Billie Holiday: 43 (7)
6. Frank Sinatra: 43 (7)
7. Little Richard: 41 (6)
8. Louis Armstrong: 34 (8)
9. Duke Ellington: 32 (8)
10. Robert Johnson: 32 (5)
11. Miles Davis: 19 (3)
12. Bo Diddley: 15 (2)
13. Leadbelly: 13 (3)
14. Johnny Cash: 13 (3)
15. Muddy Waters: 13 (2)
16. Fats Domino: 12 (3)
17. Woody Guthrie: 11 (2)
18. Bill Monroe: 9 (2)
18. Charlie Parker: 9 (2)
20. Ray Charles: 9 (2)

Two other artists appeared on three different ballots, but didn’t make the top 20: Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmie Rodgers. In all, 46 different artists received at least one vote, with 26 of those appearing on more than one ballot.


Some random thoughts: rock & roll, obviously, carried the top of the results (making allowances for Hank). However, the rest of the top 20 was pretty well-balanced among genres. Using the (slightly arbitrary) categories of Allmusic, five of the top 20 are Rock, four are Jazz, three are Country, and there are two each for Vocal, Blues, Folk and R&B. (Where the dividing line is between R&B and early rock is left as an exercise for the listener…)

The great pre-rock vocalists (Billie and Frank) seem to have cancelled each other out to some extent, as did, lower down in the top 10, the pre-rock jazz greats (Louis and Duke).


Of course, leave us not forget the Backstage Wing, whose first inductee is Mr. SAM PHILLIPS of Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee. This category was a close two-way fight, with Phillips edging out Alan Freed, 16 points to 15; the only other entry to receive more than one vote was the writing team of Leiber & Stoller.


OK, so, at last, we have five inductees. Now they get their reward: their plaques. I’m going to start a plaque discussion thread shortly (and, yes, I know that sounds less Acclaimed Music and more American Dental Association), since I’d like to reserve this thread for announcing election results (like the old bracketology results thread).

In the Class of 1961, one artist was inducted in a landslide: LITTLE RICHARD.

After him, the competition was considerably tougher, but the HOA does now have some non-rock representation—the other new members of the club are FRANK SINATRA, MILES DAVIS (last year’s Sketches of Spain gave him a big push), and BILLIE HOLIDAY.

Bubbling under were Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, and Robert Johnson.

(Where are our inductees at the beginning of 1961? Little Richard has renounced rock & roll and become a gospel singer. Sinatra has left Capitol Records and formed his own label, Reprise; his first Reprise album, Ring-a-Ding-Ding, is in the can and will be released shortly. Miles’ second great quintet is slowly breaking up—Coltrane, Bill Evans, and Cannonball Adderley are all doing their own thing now. And Billie Holiday, who died in 1959, is buried in St. Raymond’s Cemetery, The Bronx, New York.)


The full top twenty:

1. LITTLE RICHARD: 81 (10)
2. FRANK SINATRA: 51 (7)
3. MILES DAVIS: 47 (7)
5. Louis Armstrong: 44 (7)
6. Ray Charles: 37 (6)
7. Duke Ellington: 36 (6)
8. Robert Johnson: 34 (6)
9. Muddy Waters: 27 (5)
10. Bo Diddley: 25 (5)
11. Fats Domino: 24 (5)
12. The Everly Brothers: 22 (4)*
13. The Carter Family: 18 (2)
14. Jerry Lee Lewis: 16 (4)
15. Bill Monroe: 14 (2)
16. Woody Guthrie: 13 (2)
17. Leadbelly: 13 (2)
18. Johnny Cash: 12 (5)
19. Jimmie Rodgers: 12 (2)
20. Howlin’ Wolf: 11 (2)

Artists marked with an asterisk were first-time vote-getters this year.

The only artist not shown above that appeared on three different ballots was the Platters. 48 different artists received votes this time.


In the backstage wing, this year’s inductee is ALAN FREED, currently a disc jockey at KDAY in Santa Monica, California (after he became persona non grata back east due to the payola scandal).

The nearest runners-up to Freed were Willie Dixon and Cole Porter.

The HOA Class of 1962 is a virtual Who’s Whom of 20th-century African-American music traditions. We have jazz, blues, and R&B in the persons of ROBERT JOHNSON, LOUIS ARMSTRONG, DUKE ELLINGTON, and RAY CHARLES. Nobody else was really very close, but the next two were the Everly Brothers and Muddy Waters.

(At the beginning of 1962, our three living inductees are still going strong—in fact, Armstrong and Ellington recorded an album together in the past year. Louis Armstrong is still touring with his All-Stars. Duke Ellington will play his first concert as a solo pianist at New York’s Museum of Modern Art on January 4. Ray Charles is currently working on an album of country music, of all things. And Robert Johnson died 22 years ago; his gravesite is unclear but is almost certainly in the vicinity of Greenwood, Mississippi.)


The full top twenty:

4. RAY CHARLES: 48 (8)
5. The Everly Brothers: 32 (5)
6. Muddy Waters: 29 (6)
7. Jerry Lee Lewis: 24 (6)
8. John Coltrane: 24 (4)
9. Bill Monroe: 23 (4)
10. Fats Domino: 22 (4)
10. Woody Guthrie: 22 (4)
12. Roy Orbison: 21 (4)
13. Bo Diddley: 20 (3)
14. Bill Evans: 18 (2)*
15. Jimmie Rodgers: 17 (3)
16. Georges Brassens: 17 (2)
17. Johnny Cash: 16 (5)
18. Del Shannon: 16 (2)*
19. Leadbelly: 14 (3)
20. Thelonious Monk: 12 (3)

* - first-time vote-getter.


This year’s backstage inductee is COLE PORTER. The 70-year-old Porter, one of the greatest American songwriters, is now a recluse, and is no longer working.

Porter won this one going away, with 13 points; the nearest runners-up were Leiber & Stoller (8) and Alan Lomax (7).

Big Trane, Big Muddy, and two more members of the Million Dollar Quartet join the Hall of Acclaim this year. Our 1963 inductees are JOHN COLTRANE, JOHNNY CASH, MUDDY WATERS, and JERRY LEE LEWIS.

Jerry Lee was tied with the next two runners-up—Bill Monroe and the Everly Brothers—but both of them appeared on fewer ballots than Mr. Lewis. Also not too far behind are Fats Domino, Woody Guthrie, and Thelonious Monk.

(As the calendar ticks over into 1963, two of our inductees seem to be doing quite well: Coltrane is working with the so-called “Classic Quartet” of McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, and Jimmy Garrison, and Muddy Waters has just had a minor comeback with the singles “You Shook Me” and “You Need Love.” Johnny Cash’s behavior, on the other hand, has become increasingly erratic (drug use, arson) and Jerry Lee has seemingly vanished totally; nearly five years after his scandalous third marriage, his Sun Records contract is about to expire…not that it matters, as he’s recorded only one single since the late fifties.)


The full top twenty:

1. JOHN COLTRANE: 51 (8)
2. JOHNNY CASH: 40 (7)
3. MUDDY WATERS: 39 (7)
4. JERRY LEE LEWIS: 36 (7)
5. Bill Monroe: 36 (5)
6. The Everly Brothers: 36 (5)
7. Fats Domino: 34 (7)
8. Woody Guthrie: 33 (5)
9. Thelonious Monk: 32 (6)
10. Bo Diddley: 26 (3)
11. Roy Orbison: 25 (6)
12. Leadbelly: 22 (3)
13. Bill Evans: 20 (3)
14. Ella Fitzgerald: 20 (3)
15. Charles Mingus: 19 (4)
16. Jimmie Rodgers: 17 (2)
17. Georges Brassens: 16 (2)
18. Sam Cooke: 15 (5)
19. Patsy Cline: 14 (3)
20. George Jones: 13 (2)

Two other artists appeared on three or more ballots: Charlie Parker and Howlin’ Wolf.


This year’s backstage induction is jointly shared by the writing team of JERRY LEIBER & MIKE STOLLER. The guys are currently making a transition from songwriting to producing, and are about to launch their own record label.

L&S amassed 12 points; next in line, with 7 points each, were Alan Lomax and Harry Smith.

The HOA class of 1964 is the first election in which bands, rather than individuals, have been inducted!...well, one band and one singing duo, but the point holds.


Adding to the anguish of many, Bill Monroe missed enshrinement by a razor-thin margin for the second consecutive year. After that, there’s a logjam of artists tied at 29 points: Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, Charles Mingus and Woody Guthrie.

(I figure you all know where the Beatles are at the beginning of 1964. Roy O. is still one of the dominant names on the American charts, and, in fact, in the last year he toured the U.K. with his fellow inductees in the Fab Four. Don and Phil Everly are currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. And JB has formed his own production company; he’s hoping to be able to market his music to a wider—and whiter—audience. Something tells me he’ll be successful.)


The full top 20:

1. ROY ORBISON: 47 (7)
2. THE BEATLES: 46 (7)
4. JAMES BROWN: 35 (7)
5. Bill Monroe: 34 (5)
6. Bo Diddley: 29 (5)
7. Fats Domino: 29 (5)
8. Charles Mingus: 29 (5)
9. Woody Guthrie: 29 (3)
10. Bob Dylan: 28 (7)
11. Thelonious Monk: 28 (5)
12. Jimmie Rodgers: 25 (4)
13. Leadbelly: 24 (4)
14. Sam Cooke: 23 (6)
15. Bill Evans: 18 (2)
16. George Jones: 15 (2)
17. Patsy Cline: 14 (3)
18. Ella Fitzgerald: 14 (2)
19. Jacques Brel: 11 (2)
20. Howlin’ Wolf: 9 (3)


This year’s backstage inductee is HARRY SMITH. He’s the genius behind 1952’s Anthology of American Folk Music, but I can’t do better than Wikipedia’s description: “American magus, archivist, ethnomusicologist, student of anthropology, record collector, experimental filmmaker, artist, Bohemian, and Kabbalist.”

I give you: the class of 1965 Hall of Acclaim inductees, featuring some new guys and some older guys: BOB DYLAN, SAM COOKE, BO DIDDLEY and THE BEACH BOYS. The nearest runners-up were Fats Domino, Charles Mingus and Thelonious Monk.

(Our inductees’ whereabouts at the start of ’65: Dylan will head back into the studio in two weeks to record his first album since the (relatively) disappointing Another Side of Bob Dylan. It’ll also be his first since he met the Beatles, and rumor says he actually been noodling around on an electric guitar! The Beach Boys, too, are heading back into the studio; main recording for their next album is set for next week, but the contributions of Brian Wilson, who suffered a nervous breakdown just before Christmas (too much stress, especially touring), remain unclear. Bo Diddley is still touring broadly, and apparently is influencing a whole lot of up-and-coming British bands. And Sam Cooke, unfortunately, is our first deceased inductee since Robert Johnson three years ago; he was shot in a confused incident in a Los Angeles hotel just three weeks ago, on December 11. Rumors are that some recordings will be released posthumously.)


The full top 20:

1. BOB DYLAN: 64 (10)
2. SAM COOKE: 48 (8)
3. BO DIDDLEY: 44 (6)
4. THE BEACH BOYS: 43 (9)
5. Fats Domino: 36 (6)
6. Charles Mingus: 36 (5)
7. Thelonious Monk: 35 (7)
8. Jacques Brel: 25 (3)
9. Ella Fitzgerald: 22 (3)
10. Bill Monroe: 21 (3)
11. Howlin’ Wolf: 20 (5)
12. Bill Evans: 18 (3)
13. Jimmie Rodgers: 16 (3)
14. Woody Guthrie: 16 (2)
15. Leadbelly: 13 (3)
16. Django Reinhardt: 9 (1)
17. Patsy Cline: 8 (2)
18. George Jones: 8 (1)
19. Georges Brassens: 7 (1)
19. The Ronettes: 7 (1)

As the field of candidates grows larger, it’s becoming a little harder to maintain consensus; only 16 artists appeared on more than one ballot this time (and they’re all on the above list).


Making the backstage wing this year—and this one wasn’t even close, is PHIL SPECTOR. Spector is bang in the middle of an extraordinarily productive career as a producer. A certain Spector-produced Righteous Brothers song is just about to be released…looks like it might be pretty good.

And now, people: the Hall of Acclaim inductees for 1966: FATS DOMINO, ELLA FITZGERALD, SMOKEY ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES, and CHARLES MINGUS. Interestingly, in a year with so many big new names popping up, this election, for the most part, honored artists whose career peaks have come and gone (except for Smokey, of course).

Mingus, by the way, just barely sneaked in ahead of a slightly earlier jazz great, Thelonious Monk. Mingus and Monk had 31 points each. Mingus and Monk each appeared on five ballots. Mingus and Monk each had one first-place vote. But Mingus had two second-place votes to Monk’s one…Thelonious missed it by THAT much.

The next runners-up were Otis Redding, the Rolling Stones, Jacques Brel and Howlin’ Wolf.

(As for our usual where-are-they-now roundup, circa January 1, 1966: Fats Domino’s recording career is in a bit of a lull, although he continues to tour. Ella is recording for Verve at the moment; her albums in the last year include a live Hamburg concert and a collaboration with fellow HOAer Duke Ellington. Smokey and the Miracles, of course, are one of the most successful acts in the world right now—their current single, “Going to a Go-Go,” is rising on the charts. And mercurial jazz great Charles Mingus has just had his self-owned record company go out of business; he’s also at work on his autobiography.)


The full topo 20:

1. FATS DOMINO: 51 (7)
5. Thelonious Monk: 31 (5)
6. Otis Redding: 29 (6)
7. The Rolling Stones: 29 (5)
8. Jacques Brel: 25 (3)
9. Howlin’ Wolf: 22 (4)
10. Bill Monroe: 20 (3)
11. The Who: 17 (4)
12. The Ronettes: 15 (2)
13. George Jones: 15 (2)
13. Django Reinhardt: 15 (2)
15. Bill Evans: 14 (2)
16. Woody Guthrie: 13 (3)
17. Jimmie Rodgers: 13 (3)
18. Leadbelly: 8 (1)
19. Art Blakey: 7 (1)
20. Eddie Cochran: 6 (1)
20. Nat King Cole: 6 (1)
20. The Impressions: 6 (1)


Runaway winner of the backstage wing this year is record producer GEORGE MARTIN, with 15 points; next closest were Brian Epstein and Alan Lomax, with 4 points each.

Martin’s hit records to date include “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport” by Rolf Harris, “Ferry Across the Mersey” by Gerry and the Pacemakers, “Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey, and “Trains and Boats and Planes” by Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas. Oh, and some songs by the Beatles.

Here we go with the Hall of Acclaim’s class of 1967. THE ROLLING STONES, THE WHO and OTIS REDDING were inducted in a cakewalk, while THELONIOUS MONK, having made the top 20 for six straight elections, just squeaked in ahead of the Kinks, Jacques Brel and the Supremes.

(Where are they as 1967 begins? The Stones are about to release Between the Buttons, and the Who have just released A Quick One. Both bands are also about to be the subject of some very unwanted media scrutiny of their drug use. Otis continues a vigorous schedule of recording for Stax and touring with Sam and Dave. And the idiosyncratic 49-year old Thelonious Monk might be the most famous jazz artist currently working; now that he’s with Columbia Records, he’s in the most commercially successful period of his career.)


The full top 20:

2. OTIS REDDING: 63 (8)
3. THE WHO: 45 (8)
5. The Kinks: 30 (7)
6. Jacques Brel: 30 (4)
7. The Supremes: 28 (4)
8. The Byrds: 24 (7)
9. Bill Monroe: 24 (3)
10. Howlin’ Wolf: 21 (5)
11. Django Reinhardt: 20 (3)
12. George Jones: 16 (2)
13. Woody Guthrie: 13 (2)
14. Herman’s Hermits: 10 (1)
15. Patsy Cline: 9 (2)
16. Eddie Cochran: 9 (1)
16. Bill Evans: 9 (1)
16. The Sonics: 9 (1)
19. Jimmie Rodgers: 8 (3)
19. The Temptations: 8 (3)


The race for the Backstage Wing was close this year, but BERRY GORDY’s 13 points puts him ahead of Ahmet Ertegun with 11. Possibly Detroit’s most well-known businessman since Henry Ford, Gordy’s Motown has just had the best year it will ever have—75% of Motown singles reached the charts in 1966.

Boxing trivia: Gordy, a featherweight, had a record of 11-3 with five knockouts.

All four members of the HOA’s class of 1968 sailed in easily: JIMI HENDRIX, THE KINKS, THE BYRDS, and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. The distant runners-up included Aretha Franklin, Jacques Brel, and Bill Monroe.

(Where are they now, on January 1, 1968? They’re all at or just past the peaks of their careers, that’s where. The Jimi Hendrix Experience is one of the most popular bands in the world; Axis: Bold as Love has been out for a few weeks, and they’re about to embark on what will be an ill-fated tour of Sweden. The Kinks latest single, “Autumn Almanac,” was recently on the charts, and the Byrds are about to release The Notorious Byrd Brothers, their first LP since giving David Crosby the heave-ho. And VU, no longer associated with Andy Warhol, is about to come out with White Light/White Heat.)


The complete Top 20:

1. JIMI HENDRIX: 71 (9)
2. THE KINKS: 60 (8)
3. THE BYRDS: 58 (8)
5. Aretha Franklin: 24 (6)
6. Jacques Brel: 23 (3)
7. Bill Monroe: 21 (3)
8. Howlin’ Wolf: 18 (5)
9. The Supremes: 17 (4)
10. George Jones: 17 (2)
11. Pink Floyd: 10 (2)
12. The Monkees: 10 (1)
12. Django Reinhardt: 10 (1)
14. Georges Brassens: 8 (1)
14. Merle Haggard: 8 (1)
14. The Impressions: 8 (1)
17. The Doors: 7 (2)
18. Herman’s Hermits: 7 (1)
18. Love: 7 (1)
20. Neil Diamond: 6 (1)
20. Woody Guthrie: 6 (1)
20. Leadbelly: 6 (1)
20. Buck Owens: 6 (1)


The victor in the Backstage Wing for 1968 was, at long last, Atlantic Records founder AHMET ERTEGUN. Ironically, just this past year, Ertegun sold Atlantic to Warner Brothers.

Election #10 produced as diverse a set of inductees as the HOA has ever had…the class of 1969 is ARETHA FRANKLIN, HOWLIN’ WOLF, SIMON AND GARFUNKEL and, at long last, BILL MONROE. Still with their faces pressed against the Hall of Acclaim windows are Jacques Brel, the Supremes, Van Morrison and Merle Haggard.

(As the calendar flips over to 1969, Aretha Franklin is about to release her album Soul ’69, on which she covers songs by fellow HOAers Sam Cooke and Smokey Robinson. Chester Arthur “Howlin’ Wolf” Burnett is now something of an elder statesman to young rockers—Jeff Beck’s new band is performing a LOT of his stuff in concert—and is generally living a happy, prosperous life. Good for him. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are getting along…for now. Two highly successful and acclaimed albums in the last year—Bookends and the Graduate soundtrack—no doubt smooth things out. And Bill Monroe recently founded the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival.)


The top 20:

2. HOWLIN’ WOLF: 43 (6)
4. BILL MONROE: 29 (3)
5. Jacques Brel: 26 (3)
6. The Supremes: 24 (5)
7. Van Morrison: 21 (4)
8. Merle Haggard: 21 (3)
9. The Zombies: 18 (3)
10. George Jones: 14 (2)
11. Charlie Parker: 13 (2)
12. Leadbelly: 12 (3)
13. The Doors: 11 (3)
14. The Band: 11 (2)
15. The Monkees: 10 (1)
15. Django Reinhardt: 10 (1)
17. The Impressions: 9 (1)
18. Leonard Cohen: 8 (2)
19. Cream: 8 (1)
19. Pink Floyd: 8 (1)


And our Backstage entry this year is the late BRIAN EPSTEIN. One of the great what-ifs of rock history must be the question of what the Beatles would have done if Brian’s unhappy life hadn’t ended at the age of 31. My guess is that the personality conflicts which eventually rent the band would have happened anyway, but we’ll never know.

Brian’s 8 points led the pack; the nearest runners-up were George Gershwin and Alan Lomax, with 6 points each.
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Re: Hall of Acclaim

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As a new decade dawns, we usher in the 1970 class of the Hall of Acclaim: THE BAND, JACQUES BREL, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL and SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE. Missing out are Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Merle Haggard and Frank Zappa.

(Where are they now? The Band is about to be permanently imprinted in American middlebrow culture when they appear on the cover of Time magazine next week. Jacques Brel can currently be seen in French movie theaters in the film Mon oncle Benjamin. Creedence, of course, has just completed one of the most successful years any rock act will ever have, with three top ten albums, and they’re still rolling, with the double A-side single “Travelin’ Band”/”Who’ll Stop the Rain” about to hit the stores. And Sly’s current single, “Thank You (Falettime Be Mice Elf Again)” is currently climbing the charts, even as the band descends into drug-induced chaos…)


The top 20:

1. THE BAND: 52 (6)
2. JACQUES BREL: 38 (4)
5. Van Morrison: 26 (4)
6. Led Zeppelin: 24 (4)
7. Merle Haggard: 24 (3)
8. Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention: 22 (3)
9. The Zombies: 20 (3)
10. Leonard Cohen: 20 (2)
11. George Jones: 15 (2)
12. Marvin Gaye: 13 (3)
13. Leadbelly: 12 (3)
14. Neil Young: 11 (3)
15. Woody Guthrie: 10 (3)
16. The Monkees: 10 (1)
17. The Stooges: 9 (2)
18. Nick Drake: 9 (1)
19. Charlie Parker: 8 (2)
20. Georges Brassens: 8 (1)
20. Bobby Lapointe: 8 (1)
20. Pink Floyd: 8 (1)


We had a two-way tie for the Backstage Wing this year, so we’ll have two inductees!

BURT BACHARACH AND HAL DAVID become the second songwriting team (after Lieber & Stoller) to make the HOA. Their big hit of the past year, “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head,” was featured in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Joining them (at long last) is WILLIE DIXON. His long relationship with Chess has turned sour by now, but this year will see the release of his album entitled simply, and accurately, I Am the Blues, featuring his own performances of many of his compositions, including “Back Door Man,” “Spoonful,” “Hoochie Coochie Man” and “Little Red Rooster.”

I give you the 1971 Hall of Acclaim inductees: VAN MORRISON, NEIL YOUNG, THE STOOGES and NICK DRAKE. Narrowly missing enshrinement this year were Led Zeppelin and Merle Haggard.

(Dateline January 1, 1971: Two of our inductees seem to be in pretty good shape. Van Morrison has crossed the Atlantic and now lives in upstate New York; he’s currently on the charts with the album His Band and the Street Choir and the single “Domino.” Neil Young has moved on from both CSN&Y and—for now—Crazy Horse, and is embarking on his “Journey Through the Past” tour. The other two inductees are not doing so well: The Stooges, with two commercially unsuccessful and critically panned albums under their belts, are in a state of collapse due to heroin addiction—especially Iggy’s. And Nick Drake’s clinical depression has gotten the best of him; he now pretty much spends all his time in his London flat smoking pot.)


The top 20:

1. VAN MORRISON: 51 (6)
2. NEIL YOUNG: 48 (8)
3. THE STOOGES: 35 (7)
4. NICK DRAKE: 34 (5)
5. Led Zeppelin: 33 (4)
6. Merle Haggard: 31 (4)
7. Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention: 21 (3)
8. Leonard Cohen: 20 (3)
9. The Zombies: 18 (3)
10. Marvin Gaye: 17 (3)
11. Black Sabbath: 16 (3)
12. Charlie Parker: 15 (2)
13. Leadbelly: 13 (2)
14. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 12 (2)
15. The Flying Burrito Brothers: 11 (3)
16. Django Reinhardt: 11 (2)
17. King Crimson: 11 (2)
18. The Supremes: 11 (2)
19. The Temptations: 10 (2)
20. George Jones: 9 (2)

I might note that this may be our least “realistic” election to date, with two of the inductees either obscure (Drake) or actively disliked (Stooges) at this point. But that’s OK—and I’m also pleased to report that participation in this election was the highest it’s been in several years. Perhaps the switch to a weekly schedule really did help the HOA get out of its slump.


The Backstage inductee this year is the late GEORGE GERSHWIN, the titan who straddled the worlds of popular music and art music. Gershwin died at the age of 38 from a brain tumor in 1937; he is survived by his brother and songwriting partner Ira.

George’s 11 points paced the field; the nearest runner-up was Alan Lomax, with 8.

Towering over the competition to make the 1972 Hall of Acclaim class were two artists: MARVIN GAYE and LED ZEPPELIN. MERLE HAGGARD also got in this year, and the final spot is claimed by LEONARD COHEN, who just edged out John Lennon. The Doors, Joni Mitchell and David Bowie weren’t far behind.

(At the start of 1972, Marvin Gaye is renegotiating his Motown contract from a position of great strength after the success of What’s Going On. Led Zeppelin, having released four critically acclaimed albums, are now becoming a monster live act. Merle Haggard, in the past year, has released four studio albums, including Hag, his seventh #1 country album…later this year, he will be pardoned for all his past crimes by California governor Ronald Reagan. And Leonard Cohen’s music is receiving some valuable exposure thanks to Robert Altman’s use of several of his songs in the film McCabe & Mrs. Miller.)


The top 20:

1. MARVIN GAYE: 74 (9)
2. LED ZEPPELIN: 60 (7)
3. MERLE HAGGARD: 38 (4)
4. LEONARD COHEN: 28 (4)
5. John Lennon: 27 (5)
6. The Doors: 24 (4)
7. Joni Mitchell: 23 (3)
8. David Bowie: 22 (6)
9. Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention: 16 (2)
10. Charlie Parker: 15 (2)
11. Black Sabbath: 14 (4)
12. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 13 (3)
13. George Jones: 12 (2)
14. Pink Floyd: 11 (3)
15. The Zombies: 11 (2)
16. The Temptations: 10 (3)
17. Leadbelly: 10 (2)
18. The Monkees: 10 (1)
18. Django Reinhardt: 10 (1)
20. The Flying Burrito Brothers: 9 (3)


A close race for the Backstage Wing this time, with ALAN LOMAX taking the biscuit with 7 points, followed by John Hammand and Jann Wenner with 6 each. Lomax, a legendary scholar, continues to archive and publish the world’s rich legacy of folk music.

Two artists just breezed into the Hall this year: DAVID BOWIE and STEVIE WONDER. The other two members of the class of 1973 are THE TEMPTATIONS and JONI MITCHELL. Joni narrowly edged out the Doors, and Black Sabbath and John Lennon were next in line.

(As 1973 begins, Bowie is working both on his second album with the Spiders from Mars and on the next release by his fellow HOAers Iggy and the Stooges. Stevie is riding high as well—“Superstition” is #1 on the Soul chart and looks like it will be soon on the pop chart…a position which the Temps’ “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” held a few weeks ago. For the record, as of now, ten men have been Temptations at one time or another—the current lineup is Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Dennis Edwards, Richard Street and Damon Harris. Even Joni Mitchell is on the charts right now with her album For the Roses and single “You Turn Me On I’m a Radio.”)


The top 20:

1. DAVID BOWIE: 92 (11)
2. STEVIE WONDER: 64 (10)
4. JONI MITCHELL: 30 (4)
5. The Doors: 29 (4)
6. Black Sabbath: 26 (4)
7. John Lennon: 26 (4)
8. Leadbelly: 22 (3)
9. Big Star: 21 (3)
10. Charlie Parker: 20 (3)
11. Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention: 18 (3)
12. Lou Reed: 15 (4)
13. George Jones: 15 (2)
14. Pink Floyd: 13 (3)
15. Todd Rundgren: 13 (2)
16. Django Reinhardt: 11 (2)
17. T. Rex: 11 (2)
18. Curtis Mayfield: 10 (3)
19. Gram Parsons: 10 (1)
19. The Zombies: 10 (1)


The backstage inductee for 1973 is JOHN HAMMOND, whose 8 points are one better than Jann Wenner’s. The 62-year-old Hammond is still working for Columbia Records.

Oye, oye, it’s time for the class of 1974. Our new inductees this year are PINK FLOYD, BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS, BLACK SABBATH and JOHN LENNON. Nobody else was very close, but Al Green was next, followed by Big Star and Leadbelly.

(As 1974 opens, Dark Side of the Moon is still on the charts—and will continue to be for quite a while; Floyd’s new fame has also led to the re-release of their first two albums in the past month. The Wailers are not that famous yet…perhaps a cover version of one of their songs by a white British bluesman will be the ticket. Black Sabbath is enjoying the first critical—as opposed to commercial—success of their career, and are about to launch a world tour. John Lennon has separated from Yoko Ono and is living in Los Angeles with May Pang. And drinking a lot.)


The top 20:

1. PINK FLOYD: 76 (9)
3. BLACK SABBATH: 41 (8)
4. JOHN LENNON: 41 (8)
5. Al Green: 31 (6)
6. Big Star: 23 (4)
7. Leadbelly: 23 (3)
8. Roxy Music: 21 (4)
9. Elton John: 21 (3)
10. Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention: 20 (3)
11. Lou Reed: 18 (4)
12. The Zombies: 16 (3)
13. George Jones: 14 (2)
14. Serge Gainsbourg: 14 (2)
14. Charlie Parker: 14 (2)
16. The Doors: 13 (3)
17. Paul McCartney: 12 (2)
18. Steely Dan: 11 (2)
19. Deep Purple: 11 (2)
20. T. Rex: 10 (2)


1974’s backstage inductee is enfant terrible Lester Bangs (9 points), who triumphed over his old boss, Jann Wenner (7 points). In fact, Wenner fired Bangs this past year over a negative review of Canned Heat, calling him “disrespectful.” Kind of on the nose...

A relatively competitive race this year produced the four members of the Hall of Acclaim class of 1975: BIG STAR, ROXY MUSIC, AL GREEN and THE DOORS. A tightly packed bunch was close, but no cigar: Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, Lou Reed, Gram Parsons and Leadbelly.

(On January 1, 1975, Big Star is defunct—for the second time. Their third album has been recorded but will not be released for several years. Brian Eno is long gone from Roxy Music, but the group is currently enjoying its first American chart success with Country Life. Al Green suffered a horrific injury a couple of months ago, when his girlfriend Mary Woodson poured boiling grits on him—causing third-degree burns—before killing herself. Jim Morrison, of course, has been dead for 3-½ years, but the Doors are still technically an active band, now with Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger on vocals, although it’s been over two years since their last album release, Full Circle.)


The top 20:

1. BIG STAR: 44 (6)
2. ROXY MUSIC: 39 (7)
3. AL GREEN: 37 (7)
4. THE DOORS: 30 (3)
5. Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention: 28 (5)
6. Steely Dan: 28 (3)
7. Lou Reed: 27 (6)
8. Gram Parsons: 25 (3)
9. Leadbelly: 24 (3)
10. Charlie Parker: 20 (3)
11. Paul McCartney: 16 (2)
12. Robert Wyatt: 15 (3)
13. George Jones: 15 (2)
14. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 14 (2)
15. Elton John: 12 (2)
16. Bruce Springsteen: 11 (3)
17. Can: 11 (2)
18. The Zombies: 10 (2)
19. The Monkees: 10 (1)
19. Django Reinhardt: 10 (1)


This year’s backstage inductee is Rolling Stone co-founding editor JANN WENNER, who paced the field with 7 points (nearest runners-up were W.C. Handy and Les Paul with 4 each). Jann is still producing the seven-year-old magazine out of San Francisco. The last five covers as of January 1, 1975: Tanya Tucker, The Beatles, Evel Knievel, Dustin Hoffman and George Harrison.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN more than doubled the point total of his nearest competition to spearhead the HOA class of 1976; his fellow inductees are PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC, LOU REED and GRAM PARSONS. Not far behind are Patti Smith, Steely Dan and Leadbelly.

(January 1, 1976? Bruce Springsteen is almost certainly the most famous rocker in the world at the moment, and last night he played a New Year’s Eve show in Philly. George Clinton has just masterminded the release of Parliament’s groundbreaking album, Mothership Connection. Music retailers everywhere are probably dreading the impending release of Lou Reed’s next album this month, after the debacle that was Metal Machine Music last summer. Gram Parsons has been dead for two years; bits of him are in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Joshua Tree National Monument in California…seriously, you should read up on that story if you haven’t. Not for the squeamish.)


The top 20:

3. LOU REED: 38 (7)
4. GRAM PARSONS: 29 (5)
5. Patti Smith: 24 (5)
6. Steely Dan: 24 (4)
7. Leadbelly: 22 (3)
8. Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention: 21 (4)
9. Elton John: 20 (5)
10. Charlie Parker: 20 (3)
11. Queen: 15 (3)
12. Paul McCartney: 14 (2)
13. George Jones: 12 (2)
14. Harry Nilsson: 10 (2)
15. The Monkees: 10 (1)
15. Django Reinhardt: 10 (1)
17. Curtis Mayfield: 9 (2)
18. Todd Rundgren: 9 (2)
19. The Impressions: 9 (1)
19. Lluís Llach: 9 (1)
19. Robert Wyatt: 9 (1)
19. The Zombies: 9 (1)


The backstage biscuit this year goes to LES PAUL. The technical wizard who developed the solid-body electric guitar, overdubbing, delays and multitrack recording is in semi-retirement at the age of 60.

And today we have the Hall of Acclaim’s Class of 1977. On the menu: RAMONES, PATTI SMITH, FRANK ZAPPA/THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION, accompanied by the vintage LEADBELLY. Leftovers: Charlie Parker, Steely Dan, Curtis Mayfield.

(Dateline department: at the start of 1977, the Ramones’ second album is only nine days away, and is eagerly anticipated by the burgeoning punk scenes in New York, LA and elsewhere. Patti Smith is touring in support of Radio Ethiopia…I don’t normally look forward to future events, but I must note that in concert on January 23, she will fall offstage and sustain serious injuries—not unlike those suffered by Zappa in 1971. Frank’s doing much better, though, and just this past month was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and he was joined by John Belushi on tenor sax. And this month would –probably—have been Huddie William “Leadbelly” Ledbetter’s 89th birthday; he is buried in Caddo Parish, Louisiana.)


The top 20:

1. RAMONES: 49 (8)
2. PATTI SMITH: 40 (6)
4. LEADBELLY: 32 (4)
5. Charlie Parker: 28 (3)
6. Steely Dan: 27 (5)
7. Curtis Mayfield: 22 (5)
8. John Cale: 16 (2)
9. Paul McCartney: 15 (2)
10. Elton John: 14 (3)
11. Tom Waits: 14 (2)
12. Patsy Cline: 13 (3)
13. Django Reinhardt: 11 (2)
14. Todd Rundgren: 11 (2)
15. Fela Kuti: 10 (2)
16. Can: 10 (1)
16. Robert Wyatt: 10 (1)
16. The Zombies: 10 (1)
19. Aerosmith: 9 (3)
20. The Eagles: 9 (2)


Consensus is hard to come by these days in the Backstage wing…this year’s winner, with a scanty five points: D.A. PENNEBAKER. The 51-year-old documentarian joins several of his filmed subjects already in the HOA, including Bob Dylan, The Who, Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, John Lennon and David Bowie.

For the 1978 class of the HOA, we have a blowout win at the top and a nailbiter for the final spot. The SEX PISTOLS cruise into the Hall, and are joined by TELEVISION, FLEETWOOD MAC and CURTIS MAYFIELD; Curtis was tied with two other artists—Steely Dan and Charlie Parker—with 28 points, but the former Impression gets the nod because he appeared on the most ballots.

(Dateline January 1, 1978: The Pistols are about to embark on their first U.S. tour, which for some reason will concentrate on the South. Hoo boy. Television have finished recording their second album, although it won’t be released for a few months. Fleetwood Mac is still touring in support of Rumours; the band continues to evolve into an extension of Buckingham Nicks, even though Lindsey and Stevie have broken up. And Curtis Mayfield continues to focus on soundtracks, having provided music for the films A Piece of the Action and Short Eyes in the past year.)


The top 20:

1. SEX PISTOLS: 76 (9)
2. TELEVISION: 45 (7)
3. FLEETWOOD MAC: 34 (5)
5. Steely Dan: 28 (4)
6. Charlie Parker: 28 (3)
7. The Clash: 25 (5)
8. Kraftwerk: 25 (4)
9. Elvis Costello: 22 (6)
10. Fela Kuti: 20 (3)
11. Patsy Cline: 19 (3)
12. Elton John: 14 (2)
13. The Eagles: 12 (2)
14. The Bee Gees: 10 (2)
14. Django Reinhardt: 10 (2)
16. Can: 10 (1)
16. Robert Wyatt: 10 (1)
18. Tom Waits: 9 (2)
19. Blondie: 9 (1)
19. Jackson Browne: 9 (1)
19. New York Dolls: 9 (1)
19. The Supremes: 9 (1)


Accompanying his proteges the Sex Pistols into the HOA is MALCOLM McLAREN, whose nine points edged out Holland/Dozier/Holland’s eight to claim the Backstage slot. It’s an especially appropriate year for McLaren to get in…besides the Pistols, he had previously managed the New York Dolls (who appear in the top 20 for the first time) and had also been influenced by Richard Hell when he was still with Television.

ELVIS COSTELLO, KRAFTWERK, THE CLASH and STEELY DAN comprise the incoming HOA class of 1979. Blondie, Charlie Parker and Fela Kuti are not too far off the pace.

(On January 1, 1979, we are four days away from the release of Elvis Costello’s third album, Armed Forces. Kraftwerk is in the midst of a lengthy break from touring, but they continue to perform in an ongoing series of music videos, a medium they’re helping to pioneer. The Clash currently have the album Give ‘Em Enough Rope and the single “Tommy Gun” on the charts in the UK—but not the US, as CBS had hoped. However, an American tour is in the offing. Steely Dan, like Kraftwerk, is no longer touring, but they have just started work on their next album, the follow-up to Aja [sidebar: legal difficulties will prevent the release of this album, Gaucho, for almost two years.])


The top 20:

2. KRAFTWERK: 56 (8)
3. THE CLASH: 51 (7)
4. STEELY DAN: 38 (5)
5. Blondie: 31 (6)
6. Charlie Parker: 29 (3)
7. Fela Kuti: 27 (4)
8. Talking Heads: 19 (4)
9. Tom Waits: 15 (3)
10. Patsy Cline: 15 (3)
11. T. Rex: 14 (2)
12. Queen: 13 (4)
13. Django Reinhardt: 12 (2)
14. The Eagles: 10 (3)
15. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band: 10 (2)
16. Chic: 10 (2)
17. Love: 10 (1)
18. Serge Gainsbourg: 9 (2)
18. The Police: 9 (2)
20. Warren Zevon: 9 (1)


Entering backstage is the songwriting team of HOLLAND/DOZIER/HOLLAND, whose 12 points paced the field; Scratch Perry was second with 9. The songwriting team settled their lawsuit with Motown a little over a year ago. Lamont Dozier left the partnership a few years back and has a modest career as a performer going; Harold Beatty has taken his place in the songwriting partnership with Eddie and Brian Holland.
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The HOA class of 1980: TALKING HEADS, FELA KUTI, CHARLIE PARKER and BLONDIE. Chic tied Debbie Harry’s band with 21 points, but Blondie gets in based on number of ballots; Captain Beefheart, the Eagles, Patsy Cline and the Zombies weren’t far behind.

(As of the first day of the new decade, the T-Heads are between albums, but, on the evidence, are probably somewhere soaking up the Afro-beat of their fellow inductee, Fela Kuti. Kuti himself tried to run for the presidency of Nigeria this past year…he was barred from the ballot. Blondie still has Eat to the Beat on the charts and will soon have a song on the soundtrack of a Richard Gere film produced by someone named Jerry Bruckheimer. Charlie Parker died 24 years ago; he is buried in Kansas City, Missouri.)


The full top 20:

1. TALKING HEADS: 45 (7)
2. FELA KUTI: 33 (4)
4. BLONDIE: 21 (5)
5. Chic: 21 (3)
6. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band: 19 (4)
7. The Eagles: 18 (3)
8. Patsy Cline: 18 (3)
9. The Zombies: 18 (2)
10. T. Rex: 16 (3)
11. Queen: 15 (3)
12. Willie Nelson: 14 (3)
13. The Police: 12 (2)
14. Can: 12 (2)
14. Randy Newman: 12 (2)
14. Todd Rundgren: 12 (2)
17. Django Reinhardt: 11 (2)
17. Tom Waits: 11 (2)
19. The Jam: 10 (2)
20. Cream: 10 (2)
20. Elton John: 10 (2)


LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY easily took 1980’s Backstage pass with 12 points; nobody else had more than three. The inimitable dub master is currently in a state of dissolution in Jamaica, and the same can be said of his legendary Black Ark studio.

Aaaaand…the 1981 inductees into the Hall of Acclaim are JOY DIVISION, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND, THE JAM, and AC/DC. Only one point out are the Pretenders, followed by Chic, the Police and Queen.

(Dateline January 1, 1981: With the suicide of Ian Curtis seven months ago, the remaining members of Joy Division have chosen to carry on under the new moniker New Order. Yeah…that’ll last. Don Van Vliet, a.k.a. Captain Beefheart, has received many plaudits for Doc at the Radar Station, recorded with the second iteration of the Magic Band. The Jam has Sound Affects on the UK charts at the moment, and AC/DC’s first post-Bon Scott album, Back in Black, is still on the charts and the Aussie band is even about to crack the American top 40 with the title track.)


The top 20:

1. JOY DIVISION: 52 (8)
3. THE JAM: 34 (6)
4. AC/DC: 32 (5)
5. Pretenders: 31 (5)
6. Chic: 25 (4)
7. The Police: 25 (4)
8. Queen: 21 (3)
9. Patsy Cline: 21 (3)
10. Willie Nelson: 15 (4)
11. T. Rex: 13 (2)
12. Randy Newman: 12 (2)
13. Can: 12 (2)
14. Django Reinhardt: 11 (2)
15. Tom Waits: 11 (2)
16. Todd Rundgren: 11 (2)
17. The Supremes: 10 (2)
18. The Cure: 10 (1)
18: New York Dolls: 10 (1)
18. Robert Wyatt: 10 (1)
18. Warren Zevon: 10 (1)
18. The Zombies: 10 (1)


Entering backstage this year: HILLY KRISTAL’s six points beat out Irving Berlin’s four. Though inducted primarily for founding CBGB/OMFUG, which launched five acts already in the Hall (Ramones, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Television, Blondie), he also, until five years ago, helped run the Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park, which featured more than a few HOAers as well (The Who, Miles Davis, Chuck Berry, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, the Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, Ray Charles, Fleetwood Mac, Curtis Mayfield, Bruce Springsteen, the Doors…).

In the face of stiff competition, THE POLICE, ELTON JOHN, THE PRETENDERS and QUEEN made it into the Hall for 1982. Next up were the Cure, Chic and X.

(January 1, 1982? The Police are about to take a break after producing four albums in as many years, with Sting preparing to star in the film version of Brimstone and Treacle and Stewart Copeland preparing to marry Curved Air singer Sonja Kristina. Oh, and Andy Summers turned 39 yesterday. Elton John is putting the finishing touches on an album which will include his tribute to his friend and fellow HOAer, the late John Lennon. The Pretenders’ second album, released four months ago, was ambitious but did not sell as well as their first; still, the band seems to be chugging along just fine… Queen has recently toured South America and released a Greatest Hits album.)


The top 20:

1. THE POLICE: 31 (5)
2. ELTON JOHN: 30 (5)
3. PRETENDERS: 30 (5)
4. QUEEN: 29 (4)
5. The Cure: 25 (4)
6. Chic: 23 (4)
7. X: 22 (3)
8. Patsy Cline: 20 (3)
9. Brian Eno: 19 (4)
10. Buzzcocks: 18 (3)
11. The Specials: 17 (2)
12. Willie Nelson: 16 (4)
13. Love: 15 (3)
14. T. Rex: 14 (3)
15. The Supremes: 13 (4)
16. Tom Waits: 13 (2)
17. Randy Newman: 12 (2)
18. Todd Rundgren: 12 (2)
19. Django Reinhardt: 11 (3)
20. The Eagles: 11 (2)

(Keen observers may note that the point totals of the artists that made the Hall this year are unusually low. Although participation was strong this year—11 voters—we seem to be entering a period of lower consensus…there was no act this time that EVERYBODY voted for.)


In what might be a controversial selection, BRIAN ENO made it into the HOA’s Backstage wing. Eno’s most recent work was with fellow HOAer David Byrne on the collaborative album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts; word is that his current interests include late Miles Davis and unusual guitar tunings.)

Huzzah! for the HOA’s class of 1983: PRINCE, MICHAEL JACKSON, THE CURE and DJANGO REINHARDT. Just behind Django were Chic, X and Patsy Cline.

(Interestingly, as of January 1, 1983, the albums that got Prince and Michael into the Hall are still very new records whose full impact has yet to be felt. Just to take their current singles, Prince’s “1999” hasn’t even cracked the Top 40, although the first single from Thriller is already at #3…but it’s Jacko’s duet with Paul McCartney, “The Girl Is Mine.” Seriously. Robert Smith just remarked this past month that the Cure may no longer exist…ironically, just as they released their poppiest single to date, “Let’s Go to Bed.” And Django Reinhardt died 29 years ago in Fontainebleu.)


The top 20:

1. PRINCE: 86 (11)
3. THE CURE: 33 (5)
5. Chic: 22 (4)
6. X: 21 (3)
7. Patsy Cline: 20 (3)
8. Buzzcocks: 18 (4)
9. The Supremes: 18 (4)
10. Willie Nelson: 16 (3)
11. Grandmaster Flash: 16 (3)
12. The Specials: 15 (3)
13. Love: 15 (3)
14. Siouxsie and the Banshees: 14 (2)
15. Tom Waits: 13 (3)
16. T. Rex: 13 (2)
17. The Eagles: 12 (2)
18. Gang of Four: 11 (2)
18. Todd Rundgren: 11 (2)
20. The Moody Blues: 10 (1)
20. Warren Zevon: 10 (1)


This year’s Backstage entry (with a measly 4 points) is LEONARD CHESS. The founder of Chess Records, born Lejzor Czyz, died 13 years ago of a heart attack at age 52.

The Hall of Acclaim welcomes its 1984 inductees: TOM WAITS, R.E.M., WILLIE NELSON and U2. Not far behind were Chic, Patsy Cline and X.

(At the start of 1984, Tom Waits, in addition to his new musical style, is in the midst of a series of cameo roles in Francis Ford Coppola movies—The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, and The Cotton Club. The whippersnappers from Athens, having toured for most of 1983, are back in the studio working on their second album…after the massive praise heaped on their debut, one imagines that the next one will be a kind of reckoning. Willie turned 50 this past year; like Waits, he’s got a bit of an acting career going now. And the whippersnappers from Dublin have just wrapped a 12-month tour, including a show at Red Rocks, Colorado which seems to be playing five times a day on MTV at the moment.)


The Top 20:

1. TOM WAITS: 59 (8)
2. R.E.M.: 45 (8)
3. WILLIE NELSON: 31 (5)
4. U2: 28 (6)
5. Chic: 27 (4)
6. Patsy Cline: 22 (3)
7. X: 20 (2)
8. Grandmaster Flash: 19 (4)
9. Eurythmics: 18 (2)
10. New Order: 17 (5)
11. The Supremes: 17 (4)
12. The Specials: 16 (3)
13. The Eagles: 15 (2)
14. Love: 14 (4)
15. Buzzcocks: 14 (3)
16. Randy Newman: 14 (2)
17. T. Rex: 12 (3)
18. Cream: 11 (2)
19. Siouxsie and the Banshees: 11 (2)
20. Grateful Dead: 10 (2)


Backstage inductee this time is DJ KOOL HERC, known to some as Clive Campbell. The 28-year-old Jamaican who essentially invented hip-hop will appear this year in the film Beat Street (playing himself).

I apologize for the delay, but I’m now pleased to announce the HOA class of 1985: THE SMITHS, CHIC, THE REPLACEMENTS and NEW ORDER. Close behind are Patsy Cline, Grandmaster Flash and X.

(Dateline January 1, 1985: The Smiths are releasing records at a brisk clip—Hatful of Hollow is less than two months old and Meat Is Murder will hit stores just over a month from now. Chic is officially defunct, but most of the band worked on Madonna’s latest album, Like a Virgin. The Replacements have earned critical acclaim but, so far, little commercial success; a live album will be released next week. New Order—most of whose members are being inducted for the second time—is currently on the charts with “Sub-culture.”)


The top 20:

1. THE SMITHS: 56 (7)
2. CHIC: 29 (4)
4. NEW ORDER: 24 (4)
5. Patsy Cline: 23 (3)
6. Grandmaster Flash: 21 (4)
7. X: 20 (2)
8. The Supremes: 18 (4)
9. The Specials: 18 (3)
10. T. Rex: 16 (3)
11. Violent Femmes: 16 (2)
12. The Eagles: 16 (2)
12. Echo and the Bunnymen: 16 (2)
14. Love: 15 (4)
15. Buzzcocks: 15 (3)
16. Eurythmics: 15 (2)
16. Telephone: 15 (2)
18. Randy Newman: 14 (3)
19. Jefferson Airplane: 11 (2)
20. Joe Jackson: 10 (2)


Backstage, we have a tie, so there are two inductees. The first is IRVING BERLIN; at a sprightly 96 years old, he’s been essentially a hermit for decades. The much younger MILES AND IAN COPELAND join their brother Stewart in the Hall; their I.R.S. Records has just had its most successful year to date, with nine albums and four singles making the charts.

1986 turned out to be Ladies’ Night for the Hall of Acclaim: this year’s four inductees are THE SUPREMES, PATSY CLINE, MADONNA, and X (which is actually only 25% female, but there you go). Close behind were Kate Bush, Hüsker Dü, Grandmaster Flash and the Specials.

(Where the women are as 1986 begins: The Supremes have been broken up for many years…Diana Ross still has a thriving solo career, and Mary Wilson is about to publish her memoir of the group. Patsy Cline died 22 years ago, and is buried at Shenandoah Memorial Park in Winchester, Virginia. Madonna’s career is going great guns; in the past year she’s made headlines with two films, her first tour, and some unauthorized nude photos…hope she can avoid controversy in the future. X will be featured soon in the film The Unheard Music, but guitarist Billy Zoom is on his way out the door.)


The top 20:

1. THE SUPREMES: 26 (5)
2. PATSY CLINE: 26 (3)
3. MADONNA: 23 (4)
4. X: 21 (3)
5. Kate Bush: 20 (4)
6. Hüsker Dü: 20 (3)
7. Grandmaster Flash: 18 (4)
8. The Specials: 18 (3)
9. Love: 16 (3)
10. George Jones: 16 (2)
11. Cream: 15 (2)
12. Buzzcocks: 14 (3)
13. Randy Newman: 14 (2)
14. The Eagles: 14 (2)
15. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 12 (2)
16. Jefferson Airplane: 12 (2)
17. Echo and the Bunnymen: 11 (3)
18. Deep Purple: 10 (2)
19. Eurythmics: 10 (1)
19. The Moody Blues: 10 (1)
19. The Style Council: 10 (1)
19. Telephone: 10 (1)
19. Dinah Washington: 10 (1)
19. Warren Zevon: 10 (1)

Low point totals all around—not much consensus this time out.


I doubt anyone will be surprised that this year’s Backstage winner, with a whopping 15 points, is JOHN PEEL. In his honor, here are the top ten songs from his Festive Fifty for the year just past, as voted on by his listeners:

1. The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Never Understand”
2. The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Just Like Honey”
3. The Fall, “Cruiser’s Creek”
4. The Cult, “She Sells Sanctuary”
5. Cocteau Twins, “Aikea-Guinea”
6. Chumbawumba, “Revolution”
7. Felt, “Primitive Painters”
8. The Smiths, “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side”
9. New Order, “Perfect Kiss”
10. Housemartins, “Flag Day”

It’s an eclectic bunch for the HOA class of 1987: RUN-D.M.C., PAUL SIMON, THE SPECIALS and HÜSKER DÜ. Those four were separated from the rest of the pack by a pretty wide margin, but the nearest runners-up were George Jones, Kate Bush, and the Buzzcocks.

(Dateline January 1, 1987: Run-D.M.C. is in the midst of touring in support of Raising Hell and their current single, “You Be Illin’.” Paul Simon is doing the same for Graceland, although perhaps that’s just an excuse to hang out with Miriam Makeba. The Specials have been defunct for several years; Terry Hall is now with the Colourfield, Roddy Radiation with the Tearjerkers. And Hüsker Dü is about to release their poppiest album to date, Warehouse: Songs and Stories, this month.)


The top 20:

1. RUN-D.M.C.: 58 (8)
2. PAUL SIMON: 45 (7)
3. THE SPECIALS: 34 (4)
4. HÜSKER DÜ: 28 (4)
5. George Jones: 20 (2)
6. Kate Bush: 19 (4)
7. Buzzcocks: 19 (3)
8. Grandmaster Flash: 17 (3)
9. Cream: 16 (2)
10. Randy Newman: 15 (2)
11. XTC: 14 (3)
12. Jefferson Airplane: 14 (2)
13. Love: 13 (3)
14. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 13 (2)
15. Todd Rundgren: 12 (2)
16. Metallica: 11 (3)
17. Deep Purple: 11 (2)
17. T. Rex: 11 (2)
19. Van Halen: 11 (2)
20. Eurythmics: 10 (1)
20. The Moody Blues: 10 (1)


This year’s backstage slot belongs to 23-year-old RICK RUBIN. The co-founder of Def Jam Records had a pretty good year, having DJ’ed for the Beastie Boys and convinced Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith to collaborate…he’s also signed a relatively obscure new group called Public Enemy.

Time to extend a laurel and hearty handshake to the HOA class of 1988: GUNS N’ ROSES, T. REX, RANDY NEWMAN and METALLICA. The Buzzcocks were actually tied with Metallica, but their two third-place votes were trumped by the metal gods’ two first-place votes. Close behind were George Jones and Grandmaster Flash.

(At the start of 1988, Guns N’ Roses is still experiencing only modest success with the first single from Appetite, “Welcome to the Jungle.” As for T. Rex, Marc Bolan has been buried at Golders Green for ten years now, and Steve Currie also died in a car crash 6 years ago. Randy Newman is about to release his first album of non-soundtrack material in five years, Land of Dreams. And Metallica is about to start work on their first album since bassist Cliff Burton was crushed by a bus.)


The top 20:

1. GUNS N’ ROSES: 51 (6)
2. T. REX: 26 (3)
3. RANDY NEWMAN: 25 (4)
4. METALLICA: 21 (3)
5. Buzzcocks: 21 (3)
6. George Jones: 20 (2)
7. Grandmaster Flash: 18 (3)
8. Kate Bush: 17 (4)
9. Cream: 17 (3)
10. Depeche Mode: 17 (2)
11. XTC: 16 (4)
12. Love: 16 (4)
13. Eric B. & Rakim: 16 (4)
14. The Pogues: 16 (4)
15. Pet Shop Boys: 16 (3)
16. The Zombies: 15 (2)
17. Grateful Dead: 14 (3)
18. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 14 (3)
19. The Eagles: 14 (2)
20. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 13 (2)


Entering backstage this year are the recently-retired NORMAN WHITFIELD and (why not?) his collaborator, BARRETT STRONG, whose “You Can Depend on Me” is about to appear on a new Dells album.

With the 1989 class, the HOA triples its number of rap artists…and substantially adds to its roster of arty indie bands: PUBLIC ENEMY, SONIC YOUTH, PIXIES and N.W.A. Not far off the pace were the Pogues and Kate Bush.

(Dateline January 1, 1989: PE are working on a song for the next movie by that weird kid who made She’s Gotta Have It. Sonic Youth are still promoting their current album, Daydream Nation, which came out two months ago but is having distribution problems. The Pixies have already recorded their next album, reportedly with the princely budget of ,000, or four times what Surfer Rosa cost. And N.W.A is still hard at work; most of the group contributed to Eazy-E's recent release, Eazy-Duz-It.)


The top 20:

1. PUBLIC ENEMY: 68 (8)
2. SONIC YOUTH: 44 (8)
3. PIXIES: 30 (6)
4. N.W.A: 28 (5)
5. The Pogues: 25 (3)
6. Kate Bush: 20 (3)
7. Pet Shop Boys: 19 (3)
8. George Jones: 19 (2)
9. Cream: 18 (3)
10. Eric B. & Rakim: 15 (2)
11. The Eagles: 13 (3)
12. XTC: 11 (3)
13. Love: 11 (2)
14. Deep Purple: 11 (2)
15. Depeche Mode: 10 (2)
16. Grandmaster Flash: 10 (2)
17. Jefferson Airplane: 10 (2)
18. Eurythmics: 10 (1)
19. Buzzcocks: 9 (1)
19. Grace Jones: 9 (1)
19. Pata Negra: 9 (1)


The Backstage Wing will remain vacant this year--only four ballots were cast, and no nominee appeared on more than one. Need more consensus than that, I think.
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Re: Hall of Acclaim

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1990 saw a very competitive election which resulted in the induction of BEASTIE BOYS, CREAM, KATE BUSH and THE STONE ROSES. Lined up behind them were De La Soul, Woody Guthrie, the Pogues and Pet Shop Boys.

(As the new decade dawns, the B-Boys must be satisfied that Paul’s Boutique has gone gold, even if it hasn’t torn up the charts like Licensed to Ill. Cream is long defunct, but Jack Bruce just released the album A Question of Time, which also features Ginger Baker, in the last month; Clapton is still working, but also just had an acrimonious divorce. Kate Bush has just released her sixth album, The Sensual World. The Stone Roses, of course, have just had a monster year, capped with the surprise success on the UK chart of the B-side “Fools Gold.”)


The top 20:

1. BEASTIE BOYS: 44 (6)
2. CREAM: 37 (4)
3. KATE BUSH: 34 (5)
4. THE STONE ROSES: 29 (4)
5. De La Soul: 28 (4)
6. Woody Guthrie: 27 (3)
7. The Pogues: 26 (3)
8. Pet Shop Boys: 24 (5)
9. Depeche Mode: 18 (5)
10. XTC: 18 (4)
11. They Might Be Giants: 18 (3)
12. The Eagles: 18 (3)
13. Grateful Dead: 16 (4)
14. Eric B. & Rakim: 14 (3)
15. George Jones: 14 (2)
16. Grandmaster Flash: 14 (2)
17. The Blue Nile: 12 (2)
18. Peter Gabriel: 11 (2)
19. Love: 10 (2)
20. Talk Talk: 10 (2)


The Backstage Wing returns this year with the induction of KENNY GAMBLE AND LEON HUFF. It’s an appropriate year for them to get in, since they’re garnering a lot of attention through Simply Red’s cover of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.”

In 1991, the HOA welcomes WOODY GUTHRIE, PET SHOP BOYS, THE POGUES and XTC. In line right behind them are Nick Cave, George Jones and Depeche Mode.

(At the start of 1991, Woody Guthrie has been dead these 23 years…his ashes were scattered at sea. The Pet Shop Boys are producing a Dusty Springfield album and getting ready for their first world tour. The Pogues have just released Hell's Ditch, but Shane MacGowan’s increasingly erratic behavior is putting a strain on the band. XTC are currently in an inter-album gap, but did just release a B-sides collection.)

The top 20:

1. WOODY GUTHRIE: 46 (5)
2. PET SHOP BOYS: 40 (6)
3. THE POGUES: 30 (4)
4. XTC: 25 (4)
5. Nick Cave: 24 (4)
6. George Jones: 23 (3)
7. Depeche Mode: 22 (4)
8. They Might Be Giants: 18 (2)
9. Talk Talk: 17 (3)
10. The Eagles: 14 (2)
11. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 13 (2)
12. Love: 12 (2)
13. Janis Joplin: 9 (2)
14. Jefferson Airplane: 9 (2)
15. Philip Glass: 9 (1)
15. Grandmaster Flash: 9 (1)
15. New York Dolls: 9 (1)
18. De La Soul: 8 (2)
18. Peter Gabriel: 8 (2)
20. Ornette Coleman: 8 (1)


JERRY WEXLER enters Backstage this year. The legendary A&R man is 73, and joins his old buddy Ahmet Ertegun in the Hall. His niece, by the way, is dating another of this year's inductees, XTC's Andy Partridge.

A young, if not exactly freshly-scrubbed, contingent of young artists (and one 34-year-old) makes up the class of 1992 in the HOA: NIRVANA, MASSIVE ATTACK, NICK CAVE, and MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Talk Talk and the Eagles were next in line.

(As we enter 1992, Nirvana has wrapped up a European tour and you can’t turn on MTV without seeing “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” although Nevermind has not reached #1. Yet. My Bloody Valentine’s opus, Loveless, is also still a very new phenomenon, having been out less than two months--although it’s an underground hit compared to Nirvana. Even younger are Massive Attack, whose debut album this year was, uh, facilitated by Neneh Cherry. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, now based in Brazil, have just finished recording the follow-up to The Good Son.)

The top 20:

1. NIRVANA: 69 (7)
3. NICK CAVE: 28 (5)
5. Talk Talk: 22 (3)
6. The Eagles: 21 (3)
7. They Might Be Giants: 17 (2)
8. De La Soul: 16 (4)
9. Depeche Mode: 15 (3)
10. George Jones: 14 (2)
11. Primal Scream: 14 (4)
12. Love: 13 (2)
13. The Jesus and Mary Chain: 12 (3)
14. A Tribe Called Quest: 10 (1)
15. Grateful Dead: 9 (2)
16. Jefferson Airplane: 9 (2)
17. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 9 (1)
18. Van Halen: 8 (2)
19. The Blue Nile: 8 (1)
19. Buzzcocks: 8 (1)
19. Grandmaster Flash: 8 (1)
19. New York Dolls: 8 (1)


BRUCE PAVITT is our back door man this year, having shepherded Sub Pop from a fanzine, to a music column, to a record label and mail-order service.

The Hall of Acclaim throws open its doors to welcome the class of 1993: GEORGE JONES, DEPECHE MODE, PEARL JAM and DR. DRE. Dre was actually tied with Talk Talk, but the rapper appeared on more ballots.

(At the start of 1993, the 61-year-old George Jones is still going strong, having just released Walls Can Fall—his 84th (!!!) album—and is about to appear in a Vince Gill video. Depeche Mode is about to release a remix of "In Your Room" as the fourth single from Songs of Faith and Devotion. Pearl Jam is nothing less than the most popular band in America right now, touring relentlessly and also prominently featured in the film Singles. As for Dr. Dre, he’s…busy. The Chronic was released two weeks ago, and he’s currently producing the first album for Snoop Dogg.)


The top 20:

1. GEORGE JONES: 36 (4)
2. DEPECHE MODE: 25 (5)
3. PEARL JAM: 23 (3)
4. DR. DRE: 21 (5)
5. Talk Talk: 21 (3)
6. They Might Be Giants: 18 (2)
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 17 (2)
8. Rage Against the Machine: 17 (2)
9. Pavement: 16 (3)
10. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 14 (2)
11. The Jesus and Mary Chain: 13 (2)
12. Love: 13 (2)
13. Jefferson Airplane: 13 (2)
13. Violent Femmes: 13 (2)
15. De La soul: 11 (4)
16. Eurythmics: 10 (1)
16. Youssou N’Dour: 10 (1)
16. A Tribe Called Quest: 10 (1)
19. Eric B. & Rakim: 9 (2)
19. Peter Gabriel: 9 (2)


Entering backstage this year is legendary jazz mover/shaker NORMAN GRANZ. The founder of Jazz at the Philharmonic (in 1944), which set the template for a LOT of the jazz that has followed, he’s 74 and retired now.

Welcome to the HOA, PJ HARVEY, BJÖRK, SMASHING PUMPKINS and TALK TALK. You’re the HOA class of 1994. Next in line are Townes Van Zandt, They Might Be Giants and Pavement.

(Dateline 1/1/94: Polly Harvey is now working on true solo material, having parted from her bandmates Rob Ellis and Steve Vaughan in August. Björk’s current single, her fourth of the year and third from Debut, is “Big Time Sensuality.” The second single from Siamese Dream, “Today,” is causing a lot of folks to take a closer look at the Pumpkins. Talk Talk has been defunct for over two years now, although Mark Hollis continues to record, and the other two guys have formed a band called .O.rang.)


The top 20:

1. PJ HARVEY: 36 (6)
2. BJÖRK: 32 (5)
4. TALK TALK: 23 (3)
5. Townes Van Zandt: 19 (2)
6. They Might Be Giants: 18 (2)
7. Pavement: 17 (3)
8. The Eagles: 16 (3)
9. Peter Gabriel: 16 (3)
10. Ennio Morricone: 16 (2)
11. Jefferson Airplane: 15 (2)
12. Eurythmics: 14 (2)
13. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 14 (2)
13. Love: 14 (2)
15. A Tribe Called Quest: 13 (3)
16. The Jesus and Mary Chain: 13 (2)
17. Wu-Tang Clan: 12 (3)
18. ABBA: 12 (2)
19. Janis Joplin: 11 (2)
20. De La Soul: 10 (3)


We’re starting to get a bit of consensus in the Backstage Wing again, and this year’s inductee is IVO WATTS-RUSSELL, whose 4AD cut an American deal with Warner Brothers about a year ago. Runners-up Steve Albini and Anton Corbijn were right behind.

In the HOA, BLUR wins the battle of Britain ten months early; the other three inductees are PORTISHEAD, PAVEMENT and OASIS. Nobody else was really close, but the next in line were Scott Walker and the Eagles.

(As 1995 opens, Blur are among the most famous people in the UK, and are about to head into the studio to record the follow-up to Parklife. Meanwhile, over in Bristol, Portishead introduced trip-hop to the world four months ago with Dummy. Pavement have finished recording their third album, and Malkmus has embarked on a cute celebrity feud with fellow HOAer Billy Corgan. Oasis has just released the single “Whatever,” and are also busy with their sideline to music, namely taking drugs and hitting each other.)


The top 20:

1. BLUR: 49 (6)
2. PORTISHEAD: 36 (6)
3. PAVEMENT: 36 (5)
4. OASIS: 35 (7)
5. Scott Walker: 24 (3)
6. The Eagles: 23 (3)
7. Nas: 20 (2)
8. Jeff Buckley: 18 (4)
9. A Tribe Called Quest: 18 (3)
9. Wu-Tang Clan: 18 (3)
11. Suede: 17 (3)
12. They Might Be Giants: 17 (2)
13. Townes Van Zandt: 17 (2)
14. Rage Against the Machine: 15 (2)
15. Peter Gabriel: 14 (3)
16. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 14 (2)
17. Eurythmics: 13 (2)
18. Janis Joplin: 12 (2)
19. Love: 12 (2)
20. Nine Inch Nails: 12 (2)


We have two inductees into the Backstage Wing this year, one old, one new.

70-year-old RUDY VAN GELDER is one of the most acclaimed record producers in the history of jazz. He’s slowed down some, but still works at his New Jersey studio.

32-year-old STEVE ALBINI is a bit of a modern Renaissance man: engineer, producer, writer, musician. His current band is Shellac.

It’s 1996 and time to unveil another four HOA inductees. This time, it’s RADIOHEAD, PULP, SCOTT WALKER and WU-TANG CLAN. Next up were Nas and Nine Inch Nails.

(At the start of 1996, Radiohead are keeping busy. They released “Lucky” on the War Child album in September, and in a few weeks, the fifth single from The Bends, “Street Spirit (Fade Out),” will be released. They’re also about to take a break from a relentless touring schedule. Pulp’s Different Class came out two months ago, and in December they released several remixes of “Disco 2000” from that album. Scott Walker is about to turn 53, and resurfaced last year with Tilt, his first solo album in over a decade. The Wu-Tang Clan is busy with a welter of solo projects; recent highlights include The RZA’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… and GZA’s Liquid Swords.)


The top 20:

1. RADIOHEAD: 43 (6)
2. PULP: 40 (5)
3. SCOTT WALKER: 35 (5)
4. WU-TANG CLAN: 25 (4)
5. Nas: 24 (3)
6. Nine Inch Nails: 19 (3)
7. Grateful Dead: 18 (4)
8. The Eagles: 18 (3)
9. They Might Be Giants: 18 (2)
10. Jeff Buckley: 17 (4)
11. Janis Joplin: 16 (3)
12. Peter Gabriel: 16 (3)
13. Eurythmics: 15 (2)
14. A Tribe Called Quest: 14 (2)
15. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 14 (2)
16. Liz Phair: 13 (3)
17. The Jayhawks: 13 (2)
17. Jefferson Airplane: 13 (2)
19. De La Soul: 12 (3)
20. Love: 12 (2)


This year’s Backstage entry, by a wide margin, is video director Spike Jonze. And thanks to Schwah for giving us his videos from this past year…he directed the videos for three current HOAers: R.E.M.’s “Crush With Eyeliner,” Björk’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” and Sonic Youth’s “The Diamond Sea.” He’s also worked with two other acts in the Hall: X, and, of course, the Beastie Boys.

What we have here is the 1997 class of the HOA. BECK was way out in front of everyone; he’s joined by SUEDE, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST and JANIS JOPLIN. Not far behind were Peter Gabriel, Eurythmics and Jeff Buckley.

(Dateline January 1, 1997: Beck is about to release the second single from Odelay, “The New Pollution,” and is working on the Forest for the Trees album. Suede is currently promoting their third album, and their first without Bernard Butler, Coming Up. ATCQ’s current album, Beats, Rhymes and Life is a noble attempt to bridge the gap of the East Coast/West Coast rivalry. Janis Joplin died 26 years ago; her ashes were scattered along Stinson Beach, California, a town so indie they keep tearing down the city limits sign.)


The top 20:

1. BECK: 66 (9)
2. SUEDE: 32 (5)
4. JANIS JOPLIN: 24 (3)
5. Peter Gabriel: 22 (5)
6. Eurythmics: 20 (2)
7. Jeff Buckley: 19 (5)
8. Nas: 18 (3)
9. Goran Bregovic: 18 (2)
10. They Might Be Giants: 17 (2)
11. The Divine Comedy: 16 (2)
12. The Eagles: 15 (3)
13. De La Soul: 15 (3)
14. DJ Shadow: 15 (2)
15. Love: 15 (2)
15. The Notorious B.I.G.: 15 (2)
17. Nine Inch Nails: 14 (2)
17. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 14 (2)
19. Rage Against the Machine: 14 (2)
20. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 13 (2)


There’s yet another tie in the Backstage Wing this year: our two inductees are ROBERT CHRISTGAU and DAVID FINCHER.

In Christgau’s most recent Consumer Guide (Dec. 30, 1996), he gives an A+ to the Anthology of American Folk Music, ESPN Presents Slam Jams Vol. 1, Lefty Frizzell’s Look What Thoughts Will Do, and Roots of Jazz Funk Volume One.

David Fincher’s most recent video was for the Wallflowers’ “6th Avenue Heartache,” but he’s now making his name as a director of really creepy feature films, most recently Se7en.

Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in the 1998 class of the HOA: THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G., PETER GABRIEL, DJ SHADOW and DE LA SOUL. Clustered behind those acts were Nas, the Eagles, Eurythmics and Elliott Smith.

(Dateline January 1, 1998: The Notorious B.I.G. is, tragically, dead. Biggie was the victim of a drive-by shooting nearly ten months ago. Peter Gabriel hasn’t released any music for a while, spending his time instead hanging out with the likes of Richard Branson and Nelson Mandela. DJ Shadow, aka Joshua Davis, is about to release a compilation album, Preemptive Strike. De La Soul is dead. No, not really—they’re just taking a break; their last album, Stakes Is High, disappointed.)


The top 20:

1. THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: 39 (4)
2. PETER GABRIEL: 29 (5)
3. DJ SHADOW: 25 (3)
4. DE LA SOUL: 22 (5)
5. Nas: 20 (3)
6. The Eagles: 20 (3)
7. Eurythmics: 20 (2)
7. Elliott Smith: 20 (2)
9. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 19 (3)
10. Rage Against the Machine: 19 (3)
11. The KLF: 19 (2)
12. The Chemical Brothers: 16 (4)
13. They Might Be Giants: 16 (2)
14. Aerosmith: 15 (3)
15. Jefferson Airplane: 15 (3)
16. Love: 15 (2)
17. The Verve: 14 (3)
18. Can: 14 (3)
19. Nine Inch Nails: 14 (2)
20. Daft Punk: 14 (2)

#21, by the way, was the Jayhawks—I can’t remember the last time an act appeared on four ballots but failed to make the top 20.

I bring this up, well, partly because one of those ballots was mine, but also to highlight the fact that we again broke the record for number of participants. I had been concerned that, as we enter the fallow period of the late 90’s, interest might drop off, but if anything, the reverse has been true. Great job, everyone!


Our backstage guy this time out is LARRY LEVAN. The dance music pioneer died of heart failure just over five years ago.

ELLIOTT SMITH laps the field for the 1999 HOA election. After that, it gets real messy, but E.S. is joined by some folks who have been standing in line for a while: EURYTHMICS, CAN and THE EAGLES. The latter two were actually tied with the Verve and Nas, but got in on tiebreakers (Can appeared on the most ballots, and the Eagles’ one first-place vote beat the Verve’s no first-place votes. So there).

(Where they are as 1999 starts: Elliott is at a new peak of popularity, having recently performed “Waltz #2” on Saturday Night Live. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are about to reunite for Eurythmics’ first studio album in ten years. Can are not about to reunite, although their key members—Michael Karoli, Jaki Liebezeit, Irmin Schmidt and Holger Czukay, will at least all perform on the same bill this year. The Eagles have been reuniting seemingly annually lately, most recently for their induction into some other Hall last year.)


The top 20:

1. ELLIOTT SMITH: 51 (7)
2. EURYTHMICS: 21 (3)
3. CAN: 20 (4)
4. THE EAGLES: 20 (3)
5. The Verve: 20 (3)
6. Nas: 20 (2)
7. Neutral Milk Hotel: 18 (3)
8. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 18 (3)
9. Manic Street Preachers: 16 (2)
10. Jeff Buckley: 16 (2)
11. The Chemical Brothers: 15 (5)
12. Nine Inch Nails: 15 (2)
13. Jefferson Airplane: 14 (3)
14. Aerosmith: 14 (3)
15. They Might Be Giants: 14 (2)
16. Love: 14 (2)
17. The Jayhawks: 13 (3)
18. Richard and Linda Thompson: 13 (2)
19. The Jesus and Mary Chain: 11 (2)
20. Liz Phair: 10 (3)


Reaching Backstage this year is NICK GOLD, founder of World Circuit Records. So, for the second year in a row this slot is filled by a mover behind Buena Vista Social Club.
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Re: Hall of Acclaim

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After an extended 2000 election, we at last have our four newest inductees to the HOA: NAS, EMINEM, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS and AEROSMITH. Right behind were Neutral Milk Hotel and the Flaming Lips.

(As the new millennium begins, Nas is on the charts with his fourth album, Nastradamus. Marshall B. Mathers III is in the studio recording his third album; I’m guessing it will sell. The Chems’ third album, Surrender, was released six months ago and is being placed in a time capsule this month. And, for the first time, you can ride Aerosmith…their name is on a new rollercoaster at Disneyworld.)


The top 20:

1. NAS: 29 (4)
2. EMINEM: 28 (4)
4. AEROSMITH: 23 (4)
5. Neutral Milk Hotel: 21 (4)
6. The Flaming Lips: 21 (4)
7. Wire: 18 (4)
8. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 18 (3)
9. The Jesus and Mary Chain: 18 (3)
10. Jeff Buckley: 17 (3)
11. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 17 (3)
12. Nine Inch Nails: 16 (3)
13. Love: 16 (3)
14. The Verve: 16 (2)
15. Prefab Sprout: 16 (2)
16. 2Pac: 15 (2)
17. Rage Against the Machine: 15 (2)
18. Wilco: 13 (3)
19. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 13 (2)
20. Deep Purple: 13 (2)


Our Backstage winner this time around is producer extraordinary QUINCY JONES. Q has an album of Count Basie’s music coming out this year, and Harvard is about to endow a professorship in his name.

2001 is a year for the peculiar in the Hall of Acclaim, with indie favorites OUTKAST, THE FLAMING LIPS and NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL being joined by weird sixties band LOVE. Love eked out a tiebreaker victory over Lynyrd Skynyrd (not weird at all), and Nine Inch Nails and Wire were close behind.

(Dateline January 1, 2001: In two weeks, OutKast will release “Ms. Jackson,” the second single from Stankonia. The Flaming Lips are about to start filming a science fiction film, of all things. Neutral Milk Hotel is defunct, although Jeff Mangum continues to work on a couple of projects, including Major Organ and field recordings of Bulgarian folk music. Love has been defunct for over 30 years (what a terrible thing to type)…Bryan MacLean died of a heart attack two years ago, and Arthur Lee is serving a prison sentence for illegal possession of a firearm.)

The top 20:

1. OUTKAST: 55 (9)
4. LOVE: 24 (4)
5. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 24 (3)
6. Nine Inch Nails: 22 (4)
7. Wire: 22 (3)
8. Jefferson Airplane: 19 (3)
9. Belle and Sebastian: 18 (4)
10. The Jesus and Mary Chain: 18 (3)
11. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 18 (3)
12. Magnetic Fields: 18 (2)
13. Townes Van Zandt: 17 (2)
14. The Verve: 15 (3)
15. Primal Scream: 14 (4)
16. Wilco: 14 (3)
17. Rage Against the Machine: 14 (2)
17. Todd Rundgren: 14 (2)
19. Jeff Buckley: 13 (2)
20. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 10 (3)


Backstage Entry this time is video director MICHEL GONDRY. Monsieur Gondry has, to date, worked with his fellow HOAers Beck Björk, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, the Rolling Stones and half of Steely Dan, and will make his feature film debut this year with Human Nature.

Guitar ain’t dead. The HOA Class of 2002 is THE WHITE STRIPES, THE STROKES, WIRE and JAY-Z. Still outside are the Jesus and Mary Chain, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nine Inch Nails.

(As the calendar flips over to ’02, the White Stripes’ first single from White Blood Cells, “Hotel Yorba,” is stalled on the charts. Maybe the second one will do better. The Strokes are having more success with “Hard to Explain,” and are generally the most feted band around at the moment. Wire is currently on their third reunion and have some EPs coming out soon. Jay-Z is no doubt hanging out with Beyoncé somewhere…lucky bastard…before he starts work on the follow-up to The Blueprint.)


The top 20:

2. THE STROKES: 36 (5)
3. WIRE: 31 (5)
4. JAY-Z: 28 (4)
5. The Jesus and Mary Chain: 22 (4)
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 19 (3)
7. Nine Inch Nails: 19 (3)
8. Wilco: 17 (3)
9. Kylie Minogue: 15 (2)
10. Lucinda Williams: 14 (2)
11. Jeff Buckley: 13 (2)
12. The Verve: 12 (3)
13. Magnetic Fields: 12 (2)
14. Jefferson Airplane: 12 (2)
15. Richard and Linda Thompson: 11 (3)
16. Dinosaur Jr.: 11 (2)
17. Buzzcocks: 11 (2)
18. Primal Scream: 10 (3)
19. ABBA: 10 (1)
19. Siouxsie and the Banshees: 10 (1)
19. They Might Be Giants: 10 (1)
19. Townes Van Zandt: 10 (1)


2002’s Backstage dude is NICKY HOPKINS. The legendary session musician, who died seven years ago, worked with many HOAers including the Stones, Who, Beatles and Kinks.

Now arriving, the 2003 class of the Hall of Acclaim: WILCO, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, COLDPLAY and JEFF BUCKLEY. Not arriving just yet: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

(It’s 2003, and Wilco will appear soon on the next Minus 5 album, Down With Wilco. QotSA are currently climbing the charts with “No One Knows.” Coldplay is touring the planet relentlessly, and will be for most of this year, in support of A Rush of Blood to the Head. Jeff Buckley, as you may know, drowned in the Mississippi River at Memphis five and a half years ago.)


The top 20:

1. WILCO: 48 (6)
3. COLDPLAY: 30 (5)
4. JEFF BUCKLEY: 27 (4)
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 23 (3)
6. Nine Inch Nails: 21 (4)
7. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 21 (3)
8. Richard and Linda Thompson: 17 (3)
9. The Jesus and Mary Chain: 16 (3)
10. Daft Punk: 15 (3)
11. Jefferson Airplane: 15 (3)
12. Belle and Sebastian: 14 (2)
13. Missy Elliott: 14 (2)
14. They Might Be Giants: 13 (2)
15. Buzzcocks: 13 (2)
15. Kylie Minogue: 13 (2)
17. Rage Against the Machine: 13 (2)
18. Dinosaur Jr.: 12 (2)
19. Foo Fighters: 12 (2)
20. Primal Scream: 12 (2)


Getting in backstage this year is TIMBALAND. The 31-year-old record producer has worked prominently with two HOAers, Nas and Jay-Z

Following an extended election period, we’re now ready to unveil the HOA class of 2004: DAFT PUNK, THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, PRIMAL SCREAM and NINE INCH NAILS. Next in line were Ornette Coleman and Belle & Sebastian.

(Dateline January 1, 2004: One month ago, Daft Punk released an “anime House musical” called Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, along with a soundtrack. The Reid brothers split, breaking up the Jesus and Mary Chain, five years ago…but there are reunion rumors. Primal Scream’s most recent album, Evil Heat, is now more than a year old. And Trent Reznor has just completed Nine Inch Nails’ fourth album, slated for release later this year.)


The top 20:

1. DAFT PUNK: 36 (5)
3. PRIMAL SCREAM: 30 (4)
4. NINE INCH NAILS: 29 (5)
5. Ornette Coleman: 27 (3)
6. Belle and Sebastian: 25 (4)
7. Warren Zevon: 22 (4)
8. Jefferson Airplane: 21 (3)
8. Sleater-Kinney: 21 (3)
10. Buzzcocks: 21 (3)
11. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 18 (2)
12. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 17 (4)
13. Lucinda Williams: 16 (4)
14. Missy Elliott: 16 (2)
15. The Shins: 15 (3)
16. Richard and Linda Thompson: 14 (3)
17. They Might Be Giants: 14 (2)
18. Dinosaur Jr.: 13 (2)
19. Herbie Hancock: 13 (2)
20. Fugazi: 10 (3)


The big backstage winnah in ’04 is Mercury Rev bassist and indie producer extraordinaire DAVE FRIDMANN. Dave has coproduced most of the recent albums by HOAers the Flaming Lips, and has also worked with several other bands that have shown up on our ballots, including Weezer, Low, and Sleater-Kinney.

They don’t come much more diverse than the HOA Class of 2005: ABBA, SLEATER-KINNEY, ORNETTE COLEMAN and ARCADE FIRE. Bunched up behind that group, we have Jefferson Airplane, Buzzcocks, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Richard & Linda Thompson.

(Where are they as 2005 begins? ABBA reunited last year, at least on video, for the Eurovision Song Contest on the 30th anniversary of their win there; later this year, all four of them will attend the Stockholm premiere of Mamma Mia! Sleater-Kinney has just finished recording their seventh album, The Woods, which will be released soon. Ornette Coleman, on the other hand, has not released a new album for nearly eight years, although he’s working with a new quartet, so that streak may end soon. Arcade Fire is on a tour in support of Funeral, which is rapidly growing to frightening proportions as interest in the band skyrockets.)


The top 20:

1. ABBA: 38 (4)
4. ARCADE FIRE: 24 (5)
5. Jefferson Airplane: 23 (3)
6. Buzzcocks: 23 (3)
7. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 22 (4)
8. Richard and Linda Thompson: 22 (3)
9. The Shins: 20 (3)
10. Belle and Sebastian: 19 (5)
11. Kanye West: 19 (3)
12. Loretta Lynn: 19 (2)
13. Nina Simone: 17 (2)
14. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 16 (2)
14. They Might Be Giants: 16 (2)
16. Warren Zevon: 14 (2)
17. Missy Elliott: 13 (2)
18. The Streets: 12 (2)
19. Interpol: 11 (3)
20. Lucinda Williams: 11 (2)


Our Backstage Wing entry is one HENRIK FRANZON. It’s difficult to find biographical information for the elusive Mr. Franzon, but in 2005, I imagine he’s surrounded by spreadsheets.

Following a relatively low-turnout 2006 election, the HOA welcomes its new class: KANYE WEST, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, BUZZCOCKS and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Next in line: Franz Ferdinand and Sufjan Stevens.

(At the start of 2006? Kanye is about to release a clothing line, and is shortly to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone—might it be a controversial picture? Lynyrd Skynyrd recently performed at the Music Relief Concert for victims of Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans a few months ago. The Buzzcocks have reunited yet again, and are about to release their eighth studio album; they last toured as the opener for Pearl Jam. RHCP have their ninth album, Stadium Arcadium, in the can and awaiting release.)


The top 20:

1. KANYE WEST: 37 (6)
3. BUZZCOCKS: 28 (3)
5. Franz Ferdinand: 19 (5)
6. Sufjan Stevens: 19 (4)
7. Jefferson Airplane: 18 (2)
8. Richard and Linda Thompson: 17 (2)
9. The Streets: 16 (2)
10. Belle and Sebastian: 14 (3)
11. Warren Zevon: 14 (2)
12. LCD Soundsystem: 10 (3)
13. The Shins: 10 (2)
14. Morrissey: 10 (1)
14. New York Dolls: 10 (1)
14. Nina Simone: 10 (1)
17. Missy Elliott: 9 (1)
17. IAM: 9 (1)
17. Tom Petty: 9 (1)
17. The Verve: 9 (1)
17. Rufus Wainwright: 9 (1)


The Backstage Wing welcomes the old Stax Records house band, BOOKER T. & THE MG’S. The three surviving members, Booker T. Jones, Donald “Duck” Dunn and Steve Cropper, are still actively touring (drummer Al Jackson Jr. was killed in 1975).

I’m happy to present the 2007 class of the HOA: SUFJAN STEVENS, FRANZ FERDINAND, THE KNIFE, and BELLE AND SEBASTIAN. B&S won a three-way tie with Warren Zevon and LCD Soundsystem.

(As of January 1, 2007, three of our inductees have recently released some unusual work. Sufjan Stevens celebrated the holiday season just past by releasing a boxed set of his five Christmas EPs. Franz Ferdinand and Belle & Sebastian recently contributed songs to a children’s album; their offerings—“Jackie Jackson” and “The Monkeys Are Breaking Out the Zoo” appear alongside songs by fellow HOAers the Flaming Lips. The Knife is currently nominated for six Grammis—the Swedish music award—which will be given out in a ceremony later this month. )


The top 20:

3. THE KNIFE: 21 (3)
5. Warren Zevon: 20 (3)
6. LCD Soundsystem: 20 (3)
7. Jefferson Airplane: 19 (3)
8. TV on the Radio: 19 (3)
9. Townes Van Zandt: 19 (2)
10. Richard and Linda Thompson: 18 (2)
11. The Streets: 17 (2)
12. Missy Elliott: 17 (2)
13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: 15 (3)
14. Soundgarden: 14 (3)
15. Lucinda Williams: 14 (2)
16. Rage Against the Machine: 13 (2)
17. Built to Spill: 12 (2)
17. Drive-By Truckers: 12 (2)
19. Iggy Pop: 12 (2)
20. Herbie Hancock: 11 (2)


Entering backstage this year are MICHAEL AND STEPHEN THOMAS ERLEWINE, the masterminds behind All Music Guide. Michael founded AMG in 1991, and his nephew was instrumental in putting its database online three years ago.

Know all by these presents that the Hall of Acclaim’s 2008 class is ready to be inducted. In the best HOA tradition, it’s a mixture of new and old: LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, WARREN ZEVON, KING CRIMSON and TV ON THE RADIO. Four artists tied for the ultimate heartbreak of fifth place—M.I.A., Animal Collective, John Lee Hooker and Nina Simone.

(Dateline January 1, 2008: James Murphy, under his nom de guerre LCD Soundsystem, just got buried last month under an avalanche of Grammy nominations for Sound of Silver. Warren Zevon’s ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean just over four years ago; a biography by his ex-wife, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, was released last year. King Crimson Mark VII has just been unveiled: Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Gavin Harrison; they’ll begin rehearsing soon for a tour. And TV on the Radio is holed up in New York working on the follow-up to Return to Cookie Mountain.)


The top 20:

2. WARREN ZEVON: 32 (5)
3. KING CRIMSON: 29 (3)
4. TV ON THE RADIO: 21 (3)
5. M.I.A.: 19 (4), and don’t let the all-caps fool you.
6. Animal Collective: 19 (3)
7. John Lee Hooker: 19 (2)
7. Nina Simone: 19 (2)
9. The Streets: 18 (2)
10. Jefferson Airplane: 17 (2)
11. Iggy Pop: 16 (2)
12. Richard and Linda Thompson: 16 (2)
13. Deep Purple: 15 (3)
14. Rufus Wainwright: 13 (3)
15. Nat “King” Cole: 12 (2)
16. They Might Be Giants: 11 (2)
17. Missy Elliott: 11 (2)
18. Drive-By Truckers: 11 (2)
19. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young): 10 (2)
20. Janet Jackson: 10 (1)
20. Ennio Morricone: 10 (1)
20. New York Dolls: 10 (1)
20. Townes Van Zandt: 10 (1)


The 2008 backstage entry is legendary film director MARTIN SCORSESE. His current project is Shine a Light, a documentary on HOA band The Rolling Stones, which will premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival next month.

(There was one bizarre stray vote—by someone already in the Backstage Wing—for another person whose first name happens to be Martin. Frankly, I think Scorsese’s a much better choice, although I appreciate the thought.)


And that’s it. For over a year in the real world and for nearly 50 years in HOA time, we’ve been giving our favorites this quantum of immortality. Later this week, I’ll post the complete roster of our illustrious Hall.

The HOA will return from time to time as this site is updated in order to keep it current. In the meantime, hearty thanks to everyone who took part. The scope and complexity of this project—pretty much encompassing the entire history of popular music—was daunting indeed, but the wisdom and tenacity of every HOA voter made it work. Great job, everyone.
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Re: Hall of Acclaim

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Here it is! The complete roster of everyone we inducted into the Hall of Acclaim through the 2008 election! Enjoy.

Arcade Fire
Louis Armstrong
The Band
The Beach Boys
Beastie Boys
The Beatles
Belle and Sebastian
Chuck Berry
Big Star
Black Sabbath
David Bowie
Jacques Brel
James Brown
Jeff Buckley
Kate Bush
The Byrds
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Johnny Cash
Nick Cave
Ray Charles
The Chemical Brothers
The Clash
Patsy Cline
Leonard Cohen
Ornette Coleman
John Coltrane
Sam Cooke
Elvis Costello
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Cure
Daft Punk
Miles Davis
De La Soul
Depeche Mode
Bo Diddley
DJ Shadow
Dr. Dre
Fats Domino
The Doors
Nick Drake
Bob Dylan
The Eagles
Duke Ellington
The Everly Brothers
Ella Fitzgerald
The Flaming Lips
Fleetwood Mac
Aretha Franklin
Franz Ferdinand
Peter Gabriel
Marvin Gaye
Al Green
Guns N’ Roses
Woody Guthrie
Merle Haggard
PJ Harvey
Jimi Hendrix
Billie Holiday
Buddy Holly
Howlin’ Wolf
Hüsker Dü
Michael Jackson
The Jam
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Elton John
Robert Johnson
George Jones
Janis Joplin/Big Brother and the Holding Company
Joy Division
King Crimson
The Kinks
The Knife
Fela Kuti
LCD Soundsystem
Led Zeppelin
John Lennon
Jerry Lee Lewis
Little Richard
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Massive Attack
Curtis Mayfield
Charles Mingus
Joni Mitchell
Thelonious Monk
Bill Monroe
Van Morrison
My Bloody Valentine
Willie Nelson
Neutral Milk Hotel
New Order
Randy Newman
Nine Inch Nails
The Notorious B.I.G.
Roy Orbison
Charlie Parker
Gram Parsons
Pearl Jam
Pet Shop Boys
Pink Floyd
The Pogues
The Police
Elvis Presley
Primal Scream
Public Enemy
Queens of the Stone Age
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Otis Redding
Lou Reed
Django Reinhardt
The Replacements
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
The Rolling Stones
Roxy Music
Sex Pistols
Paul Simon
Simon and Garfunkel
Frank Sinatra
Sly and the Family Stone
The Smashing Pumpkins
Elliott Smith
Patti Smith
The Smiths
Sonic Youth
The Specials
Bruce Springsteen
Steely Dan
Sufjan Stevens
The Stone Roses
The Stooges
The Strokes
The Supremes
T. Rex
Talk Talk
Talking Heads
The Temptations
A Tribe Called Quest
TV on the Radio
The Velvet Underground
Tom Waits
Scott Walker
Muddy Waters
Kanye West
The White Stripes
The Who
Hank Williams
Stevie Wonder
Wu-Tang Clan
Neil Young
Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention
Warren Zevon

Backstage Wing:

Steve Albini
Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Lester Bangs
Irving Berlin
Booker T. & the MG’s
Leonard Chess
Robert Christgau
Miles and Ian Copeland
Ry Cooder
Willie Dixon
DJ Kool Herc
Brian Eno
Brian Epstein
Michael and Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Ahmet Ertegun
David Fincher
Henrik Franzon
Alan Freed
Dave Fridmann
Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff
George Gershwin
Nick Gold
Michel Gondry
Berry Gordy
Norman Granz
John Hammond
Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland
Nicky Hopkins
Quincy Jones
Spike Jonze
Hilly Kristal
Larry Levan
Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller
Alan Lomax
George Martin
Malcolm McLaren
Les Paul
Bruce Pavitt
John Peel
D.A. Pennebaker
Lee “Scratch” Perry
Sam Phillips
Cole Porter
Rick Rubin
Martin Scorsese
Harry Smith
Phil Spector
Rudy Van Gelder
Ivo Watts-Russell
Jann Wenner
Jerry Wexler
Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong

While I’m at it, here is the final list of bridesmaids: the highest-ranked artists on AM who failed to make the HOA. Some of them waited around on the eligibles list for decades but never got the call.

1. Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
2. Grateful Dead
3. Rod Stewart
4. Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young)
5. Jefferson Airplane
6. Deep Purple
7. Grandmaster Flash
8. Sonny Rollins
9. The Verve
10. M.I.A.
11. Morrissey
12. Santana
13. Derek and the Dominos
14. Carole King
15. Manic Street Preachers
16. Jackson Browne
17. The Streets
18. Weezer
19. The Prodigy
20. Public Image Ltd.
21. Herbie Hancock
22. The Bee Gees
23. Echo and the Bunnymen
24. Tim Buckley
25. Eric B. & Rakim
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Re: Hall of Acclaim

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Honorio's, as always, incredible contribution:

"During that fantastic Hall of Acclaim game (the game in AM Forum that I personally enjoyed the most, and you know there had been many wonderful games) I’ve been keeping track of the “eligibles” lists that schleuse compiled week after week (thanks a lot for that hard work!). Based on that lists and using the mighty Henrik formula I’ve selected the first four artist of every year-week as if the critics were playing our game. And these are the comparative lists between critics and ours. Hope you enjoy it. But sorry because I’ve only completed comments for the two first decades. And I won’t be able to complete in a couple of weeks or more.
And let me repeat please: many many thanks again schleuse for that game."

1960: God save the King

Of course both first lists had Elvis at the top. These were the first four artists chosen by the critics:

[imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... sley-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 90x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... sDavis.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 108x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... kBerry.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 108x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... inatra.jpg[/imgsize]

1. ELVIS PRESLEY (16.71)
2. MILES DAVIS (18.09)
3. CHUCK BERRY (18.33)
4. FRANK SINATRA (18.40)

I must point to the fact that Elvis got inducted with the higher score no other artist will achieve in HOA (16.71, in Henrik’s formula lower is better). You may argue that he was 5 years into his career but in 1957 he would have been inducted with 17.11 (the best score anyway).
Accompanying Elvis we have cool-jazz hero Miles Davis, black rock ’n’ roll pioneer Chuck Berry and best crooner ever Frank Sinatra. Terrific initial line-up, isn’t it?
Our own list had Elvis and Chuck too but we included instead another rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, Buddy Holly and, as an early sign that our list was going to be heavily country-oriented, honky-tonk hero Hank Williams. So:

1. ELVIS PRESLEY: 92 (11)
2. HANK WILLIAMS: 82 (10)
3. CHUCK BERRY: 79 (12)

1961: the year the music died

The second year the critics put late Buddy Holly on top but we had inducted him the year before, and this was not going to be the last case of us being quicker than the critics.

[imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... yHolly.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 109x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ichard.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 94x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... usMonk.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 100x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... harles.jpg[/imgsize]

4. RAY CHARLES (18.66)

3 mighty black artists accompanied Buddy to the Hall of Acclaim, coming from rock ‘n’ roll (Little Richard), jazz (Thelonious Monk) or soul (Ray Charles). We included Little Richard too and Davis and Sinatra remaining from last year’s critics list. And the first case of the 31 artists or bands that ended not being inducted by the critics, and perhaps the most striking and unfair. I’m talking about the genuine Lady Day.

[imgsize 95x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... oliday.jpg[/imgsize]

Our inductees:
1. LITTLE RICHARD: 81 (10)
2. FRANK SINATRA: 51 (7)
3. MILES DAVIS: 47 (7)

1962: ah, um

Charles Mingus topped a third HOA edition filled with jazz legends.

[imgsize 129x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Mingus.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 118x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... others.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 107x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ltrane.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ollins.jpg[/imgsize]

3. JOHN COLTRANE (18.92)
4. SONNY ROLLINS (19.01)

The Everly Brothers were the only non-jazz act from this edition. And Rollins got the dubious honour of being the first artist inducted by the critics that ended not being inducted by us. We choose to put on top Delta blues legendary Robert Johnson and two more “classic” jazz artists, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Both obscure Johnson and popular Armstrong were never inducted by the critics. Our list:

[imgsize 122x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ohnson.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 110x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... strong.gif[/imgsize]

4. RAY CHARLES: 48 (8)

1963: black, brown and beige

Two excellent albums during 1962, one of them a duet with Coltrane (our number one for the year), rendered Duke Ellington enough points to top the 1963 list.

[imgsize 112x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ington.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 98x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... lliams.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 126x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... oleman.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 106x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... gerald.jpg[/imgsize]

2. HANK WILLIAMS (19.03)

3:1. 3 black jazz artists and 1 white country artist. So far we got 11 black and 5 white, so almost 2/3 of the artists. From this very moment the percentage is going to decrease till reaching a final 27% (52/192), although there are still many great black artists to appear on both lists.
Ornette Coleman seemed destined to repeat Rollin’s deed but thanks to devoted fans like Harold Wexler that kept voting for him for many years (weeks) he finally got inducted by us as late as 2005 (42 years after the critics!).
With the exception of John Coltrane this week we got ahead of the critics, only for a year/week with Johnny Cash and Muddy Waters but for decades/months with the Killer. Jerry Lee was not going to be inducted by the critics till… 1993. Those were our inductees:

1. JOHN COLTRANE: 51 (8)
2. JOHNNY CASH: 40 (7)
3. MUDDY WATERS: 39 (7)
4. JERRY LEE LEWIS: 36 (7)

1964: when they were fab

The Fab Four topped the list as early as in 1964, when they were almost unknown outside Great Britain. Their unstoppable string of instant hits during 1963 was enough.

[imgsize 175x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... eatles.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 122x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... sBrown.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 118x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Waters.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 101x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... nyCash.jpg[/imgsize]

1. THE BEATLES (18.31)
2. JAMES BROWN (18.89)
3. MUDDY WATERS (19.06)
4. JOHNNY CASH (19.14)

Accompanying the first non-American inducted act there were three heavy weights of their respective styles: the Godfather of Soul James Brown with his acclaimed “Live at the Apollo” album just released, the father of Chicago blues Muddy Waters and country man in black Johnny Cash.
In our own list Roy Orbison was even able to beat The Beatles (but for a slight margin). We decided not to wait till next year hit “Pretty Woman”, we were absolutely “In Dreams”.

Our inductees:
1. ROY ORBISON: 47 (7)
2. THE BEATLES: 46 (7)
4. JAMES BROWN: 35 (7)

1965: a-changin’

Dylan was inducted before his electric conversion just based in his protest singer period. Prematurely? Not at all, he redefined pop music within that period and proved to be largely influential.

[imgsize 99x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ylan-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... rbison.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 156x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Boys-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 79x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... iddley.jpg[/imgsize]

1. BOB DYLAN (18.71)
2. ROY ORBISON (18.99)
3. THE BEACH BOYS (19.11)
4. BO DIDDLEY (19.15)

Orbison was right behind Dylan. Although one can think at that time that there’s impossible to find two artists so different, everyone knows that they were going to join in a band at the end of the 80s, The Traveling Wilburys. And at #3 a case that maybe we can consider premature induction, The Beach Boys. They had released by then a good amount of teenage symphonies but you all know that the best was still to come. And at #4 they had the Originator.
Our list was quite similar but we inducted a recently dead Sam Cooke (he was shot in December of 1964). The critics were going to induct him the next year, a change was going to come.

We inducted:
1. BOB DYLAN: 64 (10)
2. SAM COOKE: 48 (8)
3. BO DIDDLEY: 44 (6)
4. THE BEACH BOYS: 43 (9)

1966: off of my cloud

After Beatles and Dylan it was (obviously) time for The Stones. You know, time was on their side.

[imgsize 153x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Stones.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 165x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... co/Who.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 101x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... /Byrds.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 99x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... mCooke.jpg[/imgsize]

2. THE WHO (18.74)
3. THE BYRDS (18.89)
4. SAM COOKE (18.95)

And a change came. The Beatles inaugurated a new era for pop, the bands were going to dominate the scene since then (and they’re still doing it). The critics inducted an awesome sample of those bands, the pioneers of British rhythm & blues, mod and folk-rock respectively: The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Byrds. Plus they inducted the late Sam Cooke.
But in the middle of the rock revolution of the mid 60s we were on our cloud. For the third time in 6 years (50%!) no coincidence with the critics. We inducted 4 black artists, including New Orleans R&B pianist Fats Domino as our number 1 (he was never inducted by the critics), jazz musicians as Ella Fitzgerald and Charles Mingus and Motown extraordinary singer-songwriter Smokey Robinson. Good company on our cloud, but they were precisely The Stones who were going to get off of our cloud the next year.

[imgsize 110x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Domino.jpg[/imgsize]

Our list:
1. FATS DOMINO: 51 (7)

1967: respect for Otis

Otis Redding got the top spot just before facing his best and worst year. In 1967 he conquered the throne of soul in Monterey Festival but also died in a plane crash by the end of the year.

[imgsize 156x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... edding.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 185x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... binson.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 161x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... /Kinks.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 157x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... premes.jpg[/imgsize]

1. OTIS REDDING (18.72)
3. THE KINKS (19.02)
4. THE SUPREMES (19.04)

Otis was in good company. And I’m not talking about Stax, because two other inductees came from a rival company, Motown. The Miracles and The Supremes were two of the more valuable acts in Motown’s impressive catalogue (we are going to see al least three more artists from that company). And the fourth more important British band of the sixties (and the Britiest of them all), The Kinks.
All these artists were inducted by us except The Supremes that required a lot of insistence from some posters (Paul, Klauw, Schwah, Harold Wexler, Jonah) to ended being inducted at last in 1986… in the first position!
Back in 1967 we had The Stones, The Who, Otis and Thelonious Monk, our last jazz musician in many time (during the 80s we are going to induct Charlie Parker and Django Reinhardt).

Our 1967 inductees:
2. OTIS REDDING: 63 (8)
3. THE WHO: 45 (8)

1968: kiss the sky

At the beginning of 1967 Jimi Hendrix was unknown outside the London underground scene but by the end of the year he had released two acclaimed albums and carried out incendiary (and I mean exactly “incendiary”) stage performances particularly in Monterey that booked him a well deserved place at the top.

[imgsize 122x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... drix-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 208x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ground.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 166x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... /Doors.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 108x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... anklin.jpg[/imgsize]

1. JIMI HENDRIX (17.73)
3. THE DOORS (18.19)

The critics travelled from Northwest to induct Seattle-born Jimi Hendrix to the East to induct mythical NYC band The Velvet Underground after their acclaimed first album with Nico, then West for the California-based band The Doors (that released like Jimi not one but two acclaimed albums during 1967) and finally Southeast to induct the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.
We agreed with the critics with Hendrix and The Velvets and paid off a debt with two great bands, The Kinks and The Byrds. Those were our four from 1968:

1. JIMI HENDRIX: 71 (9)
2. THE KINKS: 60 (8)
3. THE BYRDS: 58 (8)

1969: astral year

The first American album from Van the man was enough to elevate him to the first position at the beginning of 1969.

[imgsize 98x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ison-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 136x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... funkel.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 182x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... /Cream.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 142x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... o/Love.jpg[/imgsize]

1. VAN MORRISON (18.55)
3. CREAM (18.93)
4. LOVE (18.99)

The 10th edition of HOA (the first decade!) rendered an interesting and varied bunch of bands from both sides of the Atlantic sea accompanying the Irish singer-songwriter Morrison: the NYC folk-rock duo specialist in vocal harmonies Simon & Garfunkel, the British blues-rock super-group Cream and the Californian psychedelic band Love.
Aretha was at the top of our list and Simon & Garfunkel were at number three. But the other two were not going to be inducted by the critics, and although bluesman Howlin’ Wolf was almost inducted (with a total points of 19.18 and an overall artist rank of 204) the bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe was always far from that (with a total points of 19.81 and an artist rank of 720). But Bill got strong (and lasting) support within our forum, with Paul and Rune as his main defenders, and anyway in successive editions we are going to induct other artists even less supported by the critics. Just wait and see.

[imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... inWolf.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 98x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Monroe.jpg[/imgsize]

2. HOWLIN’ WOLF: 43 (6)
4. BILL MONROE: 29 (3)

1970: on the bayou

Three consistent albums during 1969 elevated CCR to the throne of 1970.

[imgsize 183x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... evival.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 144x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... o/Band.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 116x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... elin-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 88x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... kZappa.jpg[/imgsize]

2. THE BAND (18.22)
3. LED ZEPPELIN (18.31)

The first all-white line-up included two new-traditionalist bands like CCR and The Band topping the critics lists, followed by two more innovative bands like Zeppelin (creating hard-rock from blues-rock) and Zappa’s Mother of Invention (creating jazz-rock from freak-rock).
We chose both neo-traditionalists (with The Band above CCR) and we waited to induct the other two. We preferred to induct Sly Stone and most significantly the chansonnier Jacques Brel. He was the first artist on our list not singing in English out of a total of… two. Anyway it’s much more than the critics because (if we exclude Kraftwerk because they released English versions of their albums) the critics were not going to induct a single non English singing artist, which is the most obvious (and unfair) bias for pop critics.

[imgsize 128x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... esBrel.jpg[/imgsize]

1. THE BAND: 52 (6)
2. JACQUES BREL: 38 (4)

1971: turn me on, deadhead

Appearing on every rock festival and releasing two back-to-the-roots albums during 1970 won the gold medal for The Dead.

[imgsize 155x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ulDead.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 88x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... oung-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 124x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... yStone.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 111x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... tooges.jpg[/imgsize]

1. GRATEFUL DEAD (18.62)
2. NEIL YOUNG (18.64)
4. THE STOOGES (18.79)

After/before. Neil Young was inducted after the Gold Rush (and Déjà Vu), Sly Stone before his Riot Goin’ On and the Stooges after their Fun House. We included Young and Iggy too but moreover we recruited Nick Drake two years before the critics after his brilliant Bryter Lyter and gave Morrison the top spot after his sublime Moondance.

Those were our inductees for 1971:
1. VAN MORRISON: 51 (6)
2. NEIL YOUNG: 48 (8)
3. THE STOOGES: 35 (7)
4. NICK DRAKE: 34 (5)

1972: going on

Marvin’s struggle to gain creative control in front of Motown’s industry gave him not only his masterpiece “What’s Going On” but also a deserved position at the top on the Hall of Acclaim.

[imgsize 99x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... inGaye.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 126x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Lennon.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 81x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... owie-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 181x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... abbath.jpg[/imgsize]

1. MARVIN GAYE (17.45)
2. JOHN LENNON (17.76)
3. DAVID BOWIE (18.52)
4. BLACK SABBATH (18.74)

Behind Marvin Gaye there was the first artist inducted twice (as part of a band and as a solo artist): John Lennon. But he was not going to be the last, no less than 14 more artists were going to win that honour in posterior years. Any guesses? (anyway I will unveil it). After Lennon the critics inducted a pre-Ziggy David Bowie (he could have topped the list the following year) and the second band of the Holy Trinity of British heavy-metal pioneers, Black Sabbath.
We inducted Marvin and Led Zeppelin (after their acclaimed “IV”), Leonard Cohen 5 years before the critics and country outsider (sorry, outlaw) Merle Haggard.

[imgsize 84x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... aggard.jpg[/imgsize]

1. MARVIN GAYE: 74 (9)
2. LED ZEPPELIN: 60 (7)
3. MERLE HAGGARD: 38 (4)
4. LEONARD COHEN: 28 (4)

1973: great black Wonder

The two excellent albums that Wonder released during 1972, “Music of My Mind” and “Talking Book”, helped him to join Marvin at the top of Hall of Acclaim. And we all know that these two albums were merely the first two of an astonishing string of masterpieces.

[imgsize 111x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Wonder.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 112x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... kDrake.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 101x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... fheart.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 121x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ations.jpg[/imgsize]

1. STEVIE WONDER (18.52)
2. NICK DRAKE (18.57)

Accompanying an artist equally loved by the critics and audience like Stevie Wonder there were the two quintessential critics darlings but with opposite approaches. Languid and depressive Nick Drake (in fact he was inducted after his suicide) and bizarre and uncompromising Captain Beefheart, but with one thing in common, the absence of commercial success. And at number 4 they put another successful Motown act that, like Stevie, knew how to adapt to their current times.
We agreed with the critics in the Motown artists and we inducted Bowie after his breakthrough year. About the critics darlings it was obvious that we were more willing to support Drake than Van Vliet seeing the 10 years of induction gap (we inducted the English troubadour as early as in 1971 but we waited till 1981 to induct Captain Beefheart). And finally we got ahead of the critics with Joni Mitchell, they waited till “Court & Spark” but we got enough with “Blue”. Those were our inductees:

1. DAVID BOWIE: 92 (11)
2. STEVIE WONDER: 64 (10)
4. JONI MITCHELL: 30 (4)

1974: dark side

Prog-rock at number one, the smash hit of “Dark Side of the Moon” won the first prize for Pink Floyd.

[imgsize 187x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... kFloyd.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 114x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... lGreen.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 114x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ouReed.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 118x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Marley.jpg[/imgsize]

1. PINK FLOYD (17.88)
2. AL GREEN (18.38)
3. LOU REED (18.47)

Three consecutive great albums justified perfectly Green’s induction, and Lou Reed joined Lennon as the second artist inducted twice. And at number 4 the most important artist of the so-called Third World, a Bob Marley that, as Bowie before, could have reached the top the following year.
Marley and Pink Floyd showed up in our list too, accompanied by John Lennon and Black Sabbath that were inducted by the critics two years before.

We inducted:
1. PINK FLOYD: 76 (9)
3. BLACK SABBATH: 41 (8)
4. JOHN LENNON: 41 (8)

1975: spark

From the spare music backing of her beginnings to the complex arrangements of her latest album, the astonishing evolution of Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell reserved a place at the top for her.

[imgsize 121x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... tchell.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 158x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... yMusic.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 97x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... o/TRex.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 172x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... onJohn.jpg[/imgsize]

1. JONI MITCHELL (18.24)
2. ROXY MUSIC (18.35)
3. T. REX (18.63)
4. ELTON JOHN (18.70)

Joni Mitchell entered the Hall in glamorous company. Three glam-rock heroes including classy Brian Ferry fronting Roxy Music with four albums under their belt, metal guru Marc Bolan fronting T. Rex at the beginning of his decline and histrionic soft-rocker Elton John at the height of a successful career.
We put at #1 cult band Big Star after their second album, 8 years before the critics. Just the opposite as The Doors’ case, being inducted by the critics 8 years before us (in fact they topped the eligibles list for 3 weeks-years). Roxy Music and Al Green completed our quartet:

1. BIG STAR: 44 (6)
2. ROXY MUSIC: 39 (7)
3. AL GREEN: 37 (7)
4. THE DOORS: 30 (3)

1976: born to win

The Boss came running down a thunder road with his third album under his (safety) belt, parking finally at the top of the Hall.

[imgsize 100x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... teen-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 186x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... elyDan.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 187x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... hYoung.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 181x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... rplane.jpg[/imgsize]

2. STEELY DAN (18.57)

This was the first time (if we exclude dead artists like Buddy Holly or Hank Williams) that the critics looked to the past and inducted non-active bands at the time of their induction. C,S,N&Y were on recording hiatus from 1970 (although there was a reunion tour during 1974) and Jefferson Airplane dissolved in 1974 giving place to Jefferson Starship and Hot Tuna. However Steely Dan were active, past the middle of an impressive string of six great albums in six consecutive years. And Neil Young was the third artist inducted twice (but, contrary to Lennon and Reed, he was inducted before for his solo work).
We inducted the boss and Lou-Lou and we got ahead of the critics in 3 years about George Clinton’s parallel bands. And we inducted another artist that the critics never inducted, another country artist, of course, this time country-rock pioneer Gram Parsons.

[imgsize 104x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... arsons.jpg[/imgsize]

Our list:
3. LOU REED: 38 (7)
4. GRAM PARSONS: 29 (5)

1977: fly like an Eagle

In what some people may find an injustice (being Gram Parsons never inducted by the critics) Eagles got the first position after their lauded “Hotel California”.

[imgsize 180x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Eagles.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 93x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... tewart.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 153x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Purple.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 102x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... dCohen.jpg[/imgsize]

1. EAGLES (18.60)
2. ROD STEWART (18.80)
3. DEEP PURPLE (18.86)
4. LEONARD COHEN (18.88)

The critics four included Rod Stewart after a successful and prolific career (until 1976 7 solo albums and 7 with bands like Faces or Jeff Beck Group), Deep Purple just after the disbanding of his final Mark IV line-up and famous troubadour and ladies-man Leonard Cohen.
We didn’t agree at all with the decision of the critics, we were more in a pre-punk mood. In fact Rod Stewart, Deep Purple (and last week CSN&Y and Jefferson Airplane too) remained on the Top 10 of the eligibles list waiting for our induction till the final week. And Eagles were at the top of that list for almost 22 consecutive weeks (!!), being finally inducted in 1999. As I told before we were more willing to induct proto-punk heroes Ramones and Patti Smith, bizarre genius Frank Zappa (7 years after the critics) and decided to close our list with another outsider never inducted by the critics, blues-folk pioneer Leadbelly.

[imgsize 96x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... dbelly.jpg[/imgsize]

Our 1977 inductees were:
1. RAMONES: 49 (8)
2. PATTI SMITH: 40 (6)
4. LEADBELLY: 32 (4)

1978: a question of bollocks

The Sex Pistols fronting the punk revolution went straight to the top with 17.54 points, the second highest score of HOA, only beat by Elvis.

[imgsize 171x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... istols.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 166x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... amones.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... oodMac.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ftwerk.jpg[/imgsize]

1. SEX PISTOLS (17.54)
2. RAMONES (18.26)
3. FLEETWOOD MAC (18.54)
4. KRAFTWERK (18.72)

The other three bands inducted with the Pistols came from different traditions but they were quite idiosyncratic inside these scenes. Ramones were the most representative band of the CBGB generation but they were the least arty. Fleetwood Mac were the most representative band of soft-rock California scene but they began as a British rhythm & blues band. And Kraftwerk were the most renowned band of Kraut-rock but they were more techno-logical and minimalistic.
Our list got Pistols at #1 and Fleetwood Mac at #3 but instead the Ramones (that we inducted the previous year) we chose another NYC proto-punk band, Television, not inducted by the critics until 1982. And finally we completed the Holy Trinity of 70s political smooth soul sending Curtis Mayfield with Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder (the critics were going to induct him in 1982 too, like Television).

Our inductees:
1. SEX PISTOLS: 76 (9)
2. TELEVISION: 45 (7)
3. FLEETWOOD MAC: 34 (5)

1979: pump it up

Costello’s acclaimed second album (and first with The Attractions) won the gold medal for him in the edition that closed the second decade of the Hall of Acclaim.

[imgsize 100x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... stello.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 177x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... adelic.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 89x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... iSmith.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 137x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... /Clash.jpg[/imgsize]

3. PATTI SMITH (18.55)
4. THE CLASH (18.60)

Excellent company for Costello! The P-Funk bands commanded by George Clinton that we inducted previously (in 1976), Patti Smith, the poet that became a crucial part of NYC proto-punk scene and finally The Clash, the London punk band that was going to release at the end of the year one of the best albums ever, “London Calling” (and, like others before, would have topped the 1980 list for sure).
We inducted Costello, The Clash, Kraftwerk (inducted by the critics the year before) and Steely Dan after the tireless support of Harold Wexler, Greg and, well, me. And that was all for the 70s, now it was time for a new decade.

Our list:
2. KRAFTWERK: 56 (8)
3. THE CLASH: 51 (7)
4. STEELY DAN: 38 (5)

1980: buildings and food

Despite having “Fear of Music” (or so they said), Talking Heads were the first (and last) band from the CBGB scene that got the number one.

[imgsize 185x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... gHeads.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 100x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ianEno.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 165x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... co/Jam.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 110x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Newman.jpg[/imgsize]

1. TALKING HEADS (18.53)
2. BRIAN ENO (18.65)
3. THE JAM (18.77)
4. RANDY NEWMAN (18.85)

Along with Talking Heads the critics induced their producer, Brian Eno, for his groundbreaking solo work. Brian joined Lennon, Reed and Young as the 4th artist inducted twice (he was inducted previously as part of Roxy Music). British mod heroes The Jam were inducted too after their first four albums, and so was also an important member of the singer-songwriter 70s scene, the sardonic and caustic Randy Newman.
Our list got only Talking Heads in common but we were quicker with Blondie, another band from the blank generation, and two artists never inducted by the critics: Fela Kuti, the Nigerian singer-activist that was going to be the second (and last) non-English singer in our list, and the extraordinaire bop pioneer Charlie Parker. About Brian Eno we chose to induct him in the backstage wing for his awesome work as a producer but I can’t complain about that, in fact I was quite responsible of that.

[imgsize 129x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... laKuti.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 101x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Parker.jpg[/imgsize]

Our inductees:
1. TALKING HEADS: 45 (7)
2. FELA KUTI: 33 (4)
4. BLONDIE: 21 (5)

1981: tear us apart (again)

Ian Curtis’ suicide elevated Joy Division to the altars in the 1981 edition of the HOA.

[imgsize 129x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... vision.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 192x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... o/ACDC.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 185x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... londie.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 189x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... /Queen.jpg[/imgsize]

1. JOY DIVISION (17.81)
2. AC/DC (18.32)
3. BLONDIE (18.66)
3. QUEEN (18.84)

Curtis’ death was not the only one in the 1981 hall of acclaim, the Australian heavy-metal band AC/DC was inducted after their masterpiece “Back to Black” recorded after the death of their singer Bon Scott. Fortunately death was not necessary for the induction of the NYC new wave band Blondie fronted by Debbie Harry (the 15th woman on the Hall by the way) and the British epic rock band Queen (although their leader Freddie Mercury was going to die in 1991 victim of AIDS).
Joy Division and AC/DC were on our list too along with The Jam, inducted by the critics the year before, and Captain Beefheart, inducted by the critics... 9 years before.

Those were our inductees for 1981:
1. JOY DIVISION: 52 (8)
3. THE JAM: 34 (6)
4. AC/DC: 32 (5)

1982: Police and thieves

Sting, Summers and Copeland got the top spot after their fourth (and probably their weak) album, “Ghost in the Machine”.

[imgsize 171x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Police.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 161x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... vision.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 146x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... igStar.gif[/imgsize] [imgsize 97x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... yfield.jpg[/imgsize]

1. THE POLICE (18.77)
2. TELEVISION (18.89)
3. BIG STAR (18.90)

The “thieves” with the Police on their back (or on their front this time) were Television, the mythical band of that NYC scene that rendered another 4 inductees, the no less mythical power pop band Big Star (that we inducted much earlier, in 1975) and the third artist of the Holy Trinity of 70s political smooth soul, Curtis Mayfield.
Having inducted before the three artists/bands of that edition, we opted for Elton John and Queen and we were quicker than the critics with American-British band Pretenders. Those were our choices:

1. THE POLICE: 31 (5)
2. ELTON JOHN: 30 (5)
3. PRETENDERS: 30 (5)
4. QUEEN: 29 (4)

1983: startin’ something

The younger brother (and lead singer) of the Jacksons got to the first position of the 1983 Hall of Acclaim after his record-breaker album “Thriller”, starting something called crossover because of the mix of black and white music styles. He was going to be whiter and whiter within a few years.

[imgsize 94x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ackson.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 99x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ince-1.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 101x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Joplin.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 126x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ecials.jpg[/imgsize]

2. PRINCE (18.68)
4. THE SPECIALS (18.96)

Just behind Jackson there was another artist able to break the racial barriers of music markets, Prince, after his masterpiece “1999”. And, going back in time, the white woman with the black voice, Janis Joplin, 12 years after her death. And closing the quartet a multiracial band responsible of the second wave of ska, The Specials, recently split in two (Fun Boy Three and The Special AKA).
We put Prince at the top followed by Jacko. On the third position we put a The Cure just beginning to run away from the goth sound that characterized their previous works. And on fourth position the artist less considered by the critics of all our inductees, Django Reinhardt, with an overall position of 1897, a total of 20.00 points in Henrik’s formula and an only song (the wonderful “Nuages”) on Acclaimed Music lists. But the unstoppable support from Schwah and the slow recruitment of other voters finally made it. And how.

[imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... nhardt.jpg[/imgsize]

1. PRINCE: 86 (11)
3. THE CURE: 33 (5)

1984: you too

The Irish band made it after their one-two-three punch of initial albums produced by Steve Lillywhite, they didn’t need to wait to the Brian Eno period.

[imgsize 166x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... nco/U2.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 192x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... rFlash.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 126x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... rimson.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 182x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ominos.jpg[/imgsize]

1. U2 (18.82)
3. KING CRIMSON (18.99)

The first hip-hop band entering the hall was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five after their acclaimed Message. And two bands from the past after them (while it was unusual during the seventies to induct a non-active band, it was going to be quite common during the 80s and 90s). King Crimson in fact were still active with a new line-up from 1981 but their golden period was during the first half of the 70s. And finally the fifth artist inducted twice, Eric Clapton, oddly never inducted by a solo work that lasted for decades, instead he was inducted as member of Cream (in 1968) and now as member of a one-album band, Derek and the Dominos.
Our list was quiet different this time, with U2 as the only coincidence. Tom Waits after his renewal album “Swordfishtrombones” and R.E.M. after their stunning debut “Murmur” got our approval before than the critics. And another country outlaw artist that the critics were not going to induct, Willie Nelson, entered our own HOA in 1984.

[imgsize 121x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Nelson.jpg[/imgsize]

Our list:
1. TOM WAITS: 59 (8)
2. R.E.M.: 45 (8)
3. WILLIE NELSON: 31 (5)
4. U2: 28 (6)

1985: charming men

A quick and bright beginning of their career for The Smiths (two albums and 5 songs on the AM list in barely a year and a half) were enough for them for topping the 1985 list.

[imgsize 157x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... Smiths.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 179x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... co/REM.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 196x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... enders.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 176x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... osmith.jpg[/imgsize]

1. THE SMITHS (18.57)
2. R.E.M. (18.86)
3. PRETENDERS (18.92)
4. AEROSMITH (19.00)

From newer to older, every successive artist on the list debuted earlier than the previous. R.E.M. released their lauded first LP in 1983 but their first single for an independent label dated back in 1981. Pretenders released their excellent first album in 1980 preceded by some singles in 1979, including their hit “Brass in Pocket”. And Aerosmith were around from the early 70s, with their peak in 1975-1976 (“Toys in the Attic” and “Rocks”).
Our list shared the same number one but he rest was quite different (R.E.M. and Pretenders were already inducted in 1984 and 1982 respectively). Chic was the first disco music act inducted with Schwah and Moonbeam as main defenders (the critics will take their time to recognize these disco pioneers, they inducted Chic in 1990). And we got ahead of the critics with the other two bands too, “Let It Be” was enough to induct The Replacements, the critics needed two more albums (“Tim” and “Pleased to Meet Me”) and “Power, Corruption and Lies” was enough to induct New Order, the critics waited to “Low-Life”.

Our inductees:
1. THE SMITHS: 56 (7)
2. CHIC: 29 (4)
4. NEW ORDER: 24 (4)

1986: Tom’s wild year

The second part of his Island acclaimed trilogy elevated Tom Waits to the first position of the class of 1986.

[imgsize 89x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... mWaits.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 126x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... o/Cure.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 189x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... wOrder.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 110x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... adonna.jpg[/imgsize]

1. TOM WAITS (18.66)
2. THE CURE (18.82)
3. NEW ORDER (18.86)
4. MADONNA (18.91)

The Cure were finally inducted after their brilliant “Head on the Door” after completing their transition from goth-rock to weird-pop. And with the induction of New Order suddenly they had three more artists inducted twice: Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris were the sixth, seventh and eighth of that exclusive list and the first (and last) case of an almost whole band inducted with two different names (Joy Division and New Order). And dance-pop queen Madonna was inducted after two albums and a movie.
Since we inducted numbers 1-3 before, only Madonna showed-up in our list. The rest of the pack was quite unusual (but not unexpected). The Supremes were finally inducted (almost twenty years after the critics) due to the insistence of Paul, Jonah and Schwah. Paul fronted also the cause of country lady Patsy Cline, followed by other voters, and so it was the case of schleuse and Paul favourites X. Both Patsy and X were not going to be inducted by the critics. 1986 was Paul’s year obviously, 1987 was going to be the year of another Paul.

[imgsize 107x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... yCline.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 167x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... anco/X.jpg[/imgsize]

Our class of 1986:
1. THE SUPREMES: 26 (5)
2. PATSY CLINE: 26 (3)
3. MADONNA: 23 (4)
4. X: 21 (3)

1987: you can call him Paul

Paul Simon was previously inducted at #2 of 1969 as part of his duo with Art Garfunkel. In 1987 he was inducted again but this time at #1 for a fascinating solo career with “Graceland” as last brilliant chapter (then).

[imgsize 94x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... lSimon.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 184x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... un-DMC.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 125x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... abriel.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 174x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... HskerD.jpg[/imgsize]

1. PAUL SIMON (18.64)
2. RUN-D.M.C. (18.65)
3. PETER GABRIEL (18.89)
4. HÜSKER DÜ (18.94)

Two new bands and another veteran accompanied Paul Simon to the Hall. On the first group hip hop pioneers Run-D.M.C. after their commercial and (critical) break-through with “Raising Hell” (and “Walk This Way”) and hardcore pioneers Hüsker Dü just before their final album. And the other veteran was Peter Gabriel, much more acclaimed for his solo career that for his work as part of prog-rock band Genesis.
Our list showed the highest coincidence with the critics since 1965. Only Gabriel didn’t enter our hall till 1998, our choice were The Specials, inducted by the critics 4 years before.

Our choices:
1. RUN-D.M.C.: 58 (8)
2. PAUL SIMON: 45 (7)
3. THE SPECIALS: 34 (4)
4. HÜSKER DÜ: 28 (4)

1988: some candy

The Jesus & Mary Chain gained the first position of the HOA after “Darklands”, their second album, although their most acclaimed album is their debut album, “Psychocandy”.

[imgsize 153x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... yChain.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 171x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... nRoses.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 115x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... ements.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 91x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... teBush.jpg[/imgsize]

2. GUNS N’ ROSES (18.83)
4. KATE BUSH (18.96)

Guns n’ Roses needed only their debut album for being inducted (it was not the first case, The Velvet Underground, The Sex Pistols and Derek & the Dominos made it before). The other two artists were inducted after their fifth album, The Replacements after their “Pleased to Meet Me” and Kate Bush after her lauded “Hounds of Love”.
We inducted Guns n’ Roses at number one but we resisted a lot with The Jesus & Mary Chain (not inducted till 2004, 16 years after the insistence of schleuse). A similar insistence from schleuse achieved the induction of T. Rex and also the insistence but this time from Harold Wexler made it for Randy Newman (it wasn’t the case for the New York Dolls). Plus we inducted trash-metal pioneers Metallica a year before the critics.

Our inductees:
1. GUNS N’ ROSES: 51 (6)
2. T. REX: 26 (3)
3. RANDY NEWMAN: 25 (4)
4. METALLICA: 21 (3)

1989: (daydream) nation of millions

Finally it took a hip hop nation of millions not to hold them back but to push them up. To push Public Enemy to the top of the list of 1989.

[imgsize 196x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... cEnemy.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 123x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... cYouth.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 138x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... allica.jpg[/imgsize] [imgsize 136x125]http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss34 ... leKing.jpg[/imgsize]

1. PUBLIC ENEMY (18.23)
2. SONIC YOUTH (18.46)
3. METALLICA (18.98)
4. CAROLE KING (19.01)

Along with best hip hop band ever the critics inducted Sonic Youth, the popes of alternative nation after their 1988 masterpiece “Daydream Nation”, Metallica, the new heroes of the metal nation after “...And Justice for All”. And closing the list they got the singer-songwriter nation’s icon, Carole King, almost 20 years after her breakthrough album “Tapestry”.
We chose even more suitable companions for PE and SY. Accompanying Public Enemy we inducted the creators of gansta-rap N.W.A and we inducted with Sonic Youth the other pioneers of alternative rock, Pixies.

We inducted:
1. PUBLIC ENEMY: 68 (8)
2. SONIC YOUTH: 44 (8)
3. PIXIES: 30 (6)
4. N.W.A: 28 (5)
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