under-rated albums of 2019

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under-rated albums of 2019

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My vote goes to Sleeper's The Modern Age

Easily better than any of their 90s albums yet they have barely got a mention this year.
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Re: under-rated albums of 2019

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Bad Religion - Age of Unreason

Their most solid album in over a decade and it still proves that even after several decades, they are still are one of the leading bands in the punk scene. The album is relevant in the lyrics and the music doesn't sound that stale because Bad Religion went into this album with clear intentions and motivation.

Lil Nas X - 7 EP

Obviously he is mostly known for "Old Town Road" but he clearly has a lot of musical ideas. He is quite talented musically as well. His singing isn't great but some of his songs are put together very well.

Tyla Yaweh - Heart Full of Rage

The Post Malone prodigy has yet to explode onto the mainstream but this album has some great trap hip hop songs as well as more emotional acoustic tracks. One of my favorite albums from a smaller artist that I have heard in a few years.

Juice WRLD - Death Race For Love

Not as good as his debut but Juice manages to put together a relatively solid album with fun and catchy yet emotional songs and is artistically carrying the torch of emo-rap that Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION helped popularize. Now that they have unfortunately passed, someone needs to do it. The album is a bit bloated with some filler but the highlights are great. Even though it charted well, the album and Juice WRLD doesn't get talked about much on this forum.
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